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Team Building Podcast - Latest Episodes



Craigslist is often overlooked by agents as a lead generation source, but it’s a great candidate for generating leads affordably. In fact, Craigslist posts often convert just as well as typical Facebook or Google Ads. In a time like this where we’re looking for ways to pivot and shift our businesses, Craigslist is a worthy option to create another business stream.

How can we start using Craigslist as a lead generation source? How can we build systems that leverage Craigslist lead gen?


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Given our current state of uncertainty, a lot of people are beginning to feel anxious about what the future may hold. 


Even though we’re facing challenging times, we can continue to push forward. 


By consciously using our time to think about success and committing to small improvements, we can overcome any obstacle life presents. Success comes from within, and if we want to move forward, we have to cultivate the right mental and emotional state. 


How can we stay optimistic during this period? Is it possible to make positive changes without overwhelming ourselves in an already stressful environment?


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