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How Does Your Recruiting Strategy Stack Up To The Competition? 🚂

Apr 19, 2019 2:38:34 PM

RECRUITINGis our topic for the month of April.

This includes everything from creating a strategic Facebook Mastermind page, to hosting Events, and facilitating Agent Training across all brokerages.


IMPACT Agent Podcast: 70 to 700 Sales with Jeff Cohn

Apr 8, 2019 12:28:52 PM

In this episode, Jason Will speaks with IMPACT Agent Conference speaker Jeff Cohn of Elite Real Estate Systems and The Team Building Podcast. Jeff shares his wealth of knowledge on team building, leverage, culture, lead gen, lead conversion, accountability systems, and strategies that can help any agent go from 70 to over 700 sales.


Named #1 Real Estate Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Mar 28, 2019 6:11:52 PM


🥇Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group and Elite Real Estate Systems got some pretty exciting news this month!


Does Your Current Lead Generation Process Guarantee a 3% Return?

Mar 19, 2019 1:48:56 PM

Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we dive deep into Lead Conversion in the month of March.

How to Effectively Leverage a Team w/Jeff Cohn

Mar 1, 2019 11:58:16 AM

Many people who become business owners believe they need to personally work harder in order to achieve more in their business. Is putting in more of your time and effort really what your business needs? Is that even sustainable?


Are you working all 3 "Buckets" of Lead Generation?

Feb 8, 2019 10:48:03 AM

Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we dive deep into Lead Generation in the month of February.

New Year, New Mindset! Let's Talk "BIG PICTURE" in 2019

Jan 4, 2019 2:08:53 PM

Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we launch into 2019 with Big Picture Training. We will cover the entire process from A-Z that facilitated our flagship team's growth from 70 to over 700 sales in just 6 years.

Metrics Tracking - November Coaching Topic

Oct 30, 2018 1:26:28 PM

I’m Jeff Cohn, CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems, and Team Leader of our flagship team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, that has gonefrom 70 to over 700 real estate transactions in less than six years. We are excited to share with you a sneak peek


Attention Real Estate Agents – The Team Building Summit, Omaha, 2018

May 14, 2018 6:44:00 AM
The team building summit omaha 2018


How to Get More Referrals Both Online and Offline

Apr 11, 2018 7:04:00 AM

Referrals are one the best ways to get a steady stream of income without making a large investment. But how can you get people to talk about you? How can you build a referral machine both online and