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REI Huddle:How to Build a Dominate Real Estate Team in Your Market - Going from 70 to 700 Unit Sales in Six Years

Apr 24, 2019 11:35:43 AM


Discover How Jeff Cohn, owner of the #1 team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices nationally, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, scaled his team from 70 to over 700 sides in 6 years, while creating an impressive investment acquisition machine as an REIvault member.

In this podcast - Jeff and Gary discuss:

  • The 2 sets of “clients” you have as a team leader
  • How to zero-cost your marketing
  • How leverage works as an entrepreneur

Key Quotes:

  • "True business owners are raising money, going after bigger markets, building partnerships, and nurturing their teams." 
    ~Gary Boomershine
  • "Every successful business has a coaching component within it." 
    ~Jeff Cohn



To learn more about Jeff, head to: https://www.eliterealestatesystems.com/

Facebook: Elite Real Estate Systems

Podcast: The Team Building Podcast - iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube