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Google Drive
Google Drive

As an added-value benefit of attending a Team Building Workshop or joining ERS Livestream, you’ll get full lifetime access to Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group's Google Drive, which contains all intellectual property, including the tracking sheets used to run the team, the actual and editable iPad listing and buyer presentations, and our training video library.

Below is a complete breakdown of the Google Drive, with specific documents previous attendees have found especially useful in bold.


Agent Accountability Tracker (AAT)

Master Database

Client Info Database

Group Roster

Income Calculator

Admin Hours Tracker

Agent Accountability Matrix (AAM)


Green, Red, Brown Agent Chart

First Interview Questions & Checklist

Questions doc for Agent References


iPad Listing/Buyer Presentations (PDF and editable .iba formats)

Electronic Flyer Example PDF

Yard Flyer Example PDF

Seller Documents

Seller Figures Worksheet

Seller Guide (PDF and PowerPoint formats)

Listing Addenda PDF’s – Limited Dual Agency, Post Occupancy, etc.

Buyer Documents

Smart PDF’s & Forms such as Purchase Agreement, Exclusive Buyers Agency, FSBO Commission Agreement and more

Buyers Figures Worksheet

Buyer Guide (PDF and PowerPoint formats)

Purchase Agreement Tutorial PDF


BoomTown Training Videos – 11 videos covering all aspects of BoomTown for a new agent

Video Training Library – Constantly updated rotation of our training videos covering topics such as BoomTown Best Practices, Dialogue, Listing Presentation, MOJO Dialer, Negotiation, Sphere & Open House, Purchase Agreement, Paragon and Vulcan 7.

BoomTown Best Practices PDF

New Agent Setup Admin Checklist

New Agent Questionnaire

The Buying Process A to Z (editable Word Doc format)

The Perfect Listing Presentation (editable Word Doc format)

The Top 7 Activities for Success PDF


SmartDrip Email Campaigns

Call Scripts – Covering all aspects including FSBO, Expired, Just Listed/Just Sold and Objection Handlers

Complete Expired and FSBO direct mail campaigns

Call Prospecting Sheet PDF

Daily Activity Record (Call Sheet) PDF

Daily Prospecting Numbers Tracking Spreadsheet

Craigslist Permission Phone Script & Email Template

LPMAMA Script Framework

Open House Registration Form

Client Services

Duties & Responsibilities Doc for Client Services Coordinator role

Moving Truck Agreement

Sample Seller Statistical Analysis Email