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Two great options, both packed with valuable content. Choose the path that best suits your business. 

Included Services

Monday Team Training*

Tuesday Investor Coaching

Wednesday Dialogue Training* 

Thursday Team Leader Coaching

Ancillary Services Coaching

Advanced Agent Mastermind*

Special Event Sessions 

New Agent Launch Series*

Success Manager Access

ERS Tools via Google Drive

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Team Membership

21 Hours of Content Monthly

Month to Month, No Contract

One-Time $497 Account Start-Up Fee


*Includes Access

For Unlimited Agents!

Included Services

Monday Team Training

Wednesday Dialogue Training


Advanced Agent Mastermind 

Agent Membership

9 Hours of Content Monthly

Month to Month, No Contract

One-Time $97 Account Start-Up Fee



ERS Coaching provides agents and teams the knowledge and resources to build a dominant real estate business.


Join the digital revolution of real estate coaching and support. ERS live coaching offers  real-time interactive sessions direct from the headquarters of one of the nation's leading real estate companies.

ERS is revolutionizing real estate coaching to fit today's market. Whether the goal is to become the top individual agent in your market or build an award winning team, Coaching provides proven systems, weekly hands-on support, and interactive training to get you there.

Jeff Cohn, Founder

Thursdays - Team Leader Coaching

At the start of each month, Jeff and other top producing team leaders gather via Zoom and tackle one key element of building a healthy, growing real estate business. It starts with a high-level training in the first week, then you'll dive into detailed tactics and implementation strategies each of the following 3 weeks with Jeff, and coach Andy Kueny, to finish that month’s topic. Click above to watch a sample video Jeff kicking off the topic of Lead Conversion.

Topics covered over 12 months

Jan - The Big Picture

Feb - Lead Generation

Mar - Lead Conversion

Apr - Recruiting

May - Accountability

Jun - Zero-Cost Overhead

Jul - Leverage Roles

Aug - Building & Keeping Culture

Sep - Marketing Presentations

Oct - Retaining Agents

Nov - Metrics Tracking

Dec - Career Visioning

Thursday Coaching

Help Along The Way

Andy Kueny | Team Leader & Agent Coach

The heart and soul of our coaching program is what Jeff and Andy coach to Team Leaders every Thursday. One full month is spent hyper-focused on each topic so you can implement positive changes in your business in a realistic timeline. 

You're going to have questions, and we have you covered.

Team Leaders under the Team Membership platform will have the opportunity to ask questions to our highly trained Success Management Team to get your pain points addressed as you implement. This allows you to grow at your own pace while getting professional advice along the way that’s tailored to your business, your market, and your schedule.

2x Weekly Training Sessions for Teams

Get exclusive access to the interactive streaming sessions each week covering Monday Topical Training and Wednesday Dialogue Training, along with an extensive video library of previous sessions. Averaging 30 transactions per agent annually, these trainings have been developed and proven by an award-winning real estate company over the last decade. 

Mondays - Team Topical Training

Join kwELITE on Zoom each Monday and interact with the team as they go deep on topics that build and sharpen skills which will make any agent a professional of the industry. Click below to watch a sample video on what a typical Monday looks like with ERS, covering how to properly organize a CRM to maximize lead conversion. 

Team Training topics include

  • The Big Picture & Team Culture

  • Meeting Buyers & Sellers 

  • Open Houses & Sphere Engagement

  • Listing & Buyer Presentations

  • New Construction​​

  • Administrative Processes

  • Goal Setting & Time Blocking

  • Listing & Buyer Contracts

  • Generating Your Own Leads

  • Tips & Tricks on MLS, CMAs, & Net Sheets

  • CRM Best Practices

  • Marketing & CMAs

  • The Art of Negotiation 

  • Circle Prospecting

  • Social Media Best Strategies 

  • Past Client Referrals

  • Analytics to Track and Their Uses

  • Mortgage Financing Education

Wednesdays - Dialogue Training

Each week, kwELITE tackles the toughest objections agents face in their businesses. Agents can watch and learn, or interact live by joining the stream via Zoom to role play, make comments, ask questions, and suggest scenarios they need the most help with. Click below to watch a sample video on how to generate in-person leads at an open house.

Dialogue topics include

  • LPMAMA & Always Be Closing

  • Sphere Engagement for Referrals

  • Cold Call Objection Handling

  • Internet Lead Follow-Up Best Practices

  • Open House Visitor Engagement

  • Exclusive Agency Agreements

  • Protecting Your Time

  • Meeting Buyers & Sellers in Person

  • Describing Net Sheets

  • Negotiating the Offer, Appraisal, Repairs

  • Purchase Agreement Talking Points

  • Buyer Presentation Objections

  • Listing Presentation Objections

  • CMA Presentation & Pricing a Home

  • Working Expired & FSBO Leads

  • Referring Your Lender & Vendor Partners

  • Connecting With Social Media Leads

  • Presenting Helpful Analytics

Mon/Wed Trainings

Monthly Advanced Agent Mastermind

ERS's latest addition has the experienced agent in mind.

Join Andy Kueny, lead agent trainer, the 2nd Wednesday of each month for a high level discussion on topics catered to the advanced agent. 

Mastermind on how to handle the toughest situations agents encounter. Dive deep into topics like negotiation strategies, abnormal sales and situations, organizing your finances to plan for the future, and more. 

Tuesdays - Investor Coaching


Clint Bartlett, Co-Owner/Operator


Join ERS and Dynamic Properties every Tuesday for an in-depth look into building true wealth through Investment Coaching. 

Clint Bartlett, Co-Owner of Dynamic Properties, dives deep into the strategies he and Jeff have proven while building out their investment portfolio. From buying and holding, to flipping investment properties and scaling up a full blown investment team, Clint unveils the secrets to success in the ever growing interest to building long-term wealth for the future.

Topics for Investment Coaching Include:

  • Looking at the Big Picture, defining your WHY

  • Marketing strategies that work

  • What to look for in a smart investment

  • How to negotiate for a below market value purchase

  • Working with lenders to finance your purchases

  • Building and scaling an investment team

  • Calculating the proper amount to charge in rent

  • Organizing yourself with systems and a CRM


Reduced Rate BoomTown CRM & Website Lead Generation

ERS Coaching Team Membership grants you access to exclusive partner pricing. Your BoomTown platform can be eligible for a monthly discount, saving you hundreds or even thousands annually! 

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 5.58.26 PM.png

Partnering with BoomTown allows you to run kwELITE's exact systems and follow-up campaigns. Sticking with another CRM? No need to switch. You'll learn how to adapt any system and campaign into your current CRM. And if you’re already signed with BoomTown, this discount is available to you as well. Contact ERS for additional details.


All ERS Tools, Systems, & Intellectual Property

You’ll have lifetime access to the Google Drive containing all intellectual property. This includes metrics tracking tools, accountability strategies, a complete agent training video library, and behind the scenes policies and procedures for kwELITE.

The Google Drive also includes all marketing and lead conversion systems, from seller and buyer presentations, to pre-written email drip campaigns. You'll also get help implementing the systems to increase your lead conversion, as well as structure agreements to cover your lead generation costs by creating Marketing Service Agreements with lender and vendor partners.

Team Membership also includes a 50% discount to attend the Team Building Workshop, hosted monthly by the ERS Staff. Join us for a 1-day intensive workshop to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at all the inner workings of kwELITE, formerly Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, Berkshire Hathaway's #1 ranked team in the country in 2019. 


What Other Agents Are Saying About ERS Coaching

Check out the feedback from current members, including team leaders, brokers, and solo agents.

Joe Liu - Portland, OR

Robbie Breaux - Lafayette, LA

Adam Stark - Salt Lake City, UT

Bryan Colemere - Salt Lake City, UT

Dustin Lynch - Tallahassee, FL 

Logan Boyce - Montreal, QB


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