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Experience a Full Week of ERS Virtual Coaching & Training,

Direct from one of the Nation's Leading Real Estate Teams

Modern Coaching For The Modern Agent

Enter your details below to receive a FREE full week of coaching and training - over 4 hours of content! ​

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Monday Agent Training


Wednesday dialogue TRAINING

Thursday team leader COACHING

ERS Coaching for Teams Offers

  • 4 hrs/mo of Team Leader Coaching

  • 4 hrs/mo of Investor Coaching

  • 8 hrs/mo of Agent Topical Training

  • 11-part New Agent On-Boarding series

  • Video Recordings of ERS's Annual Team Building Summit 

  • Success Managers to Keep You on Track

  • Lifetime access to ERS's Google Drive

  • Discounts on ERS Events

  • Discounts from ERS Affiliates 

"You guys have taken all this knowledge and all this power with Omaha's Elite and you're delivering that value to anyone who wants to join. It's an absolute no-brainer. The results speak for themselves, the knowledge here is insane." 

                                         - Logan Boyce

"Our production in 2017 nearly doubled with the help of the ERS coaching program. It is great to be part of a group of like-minded agents learning from each other each week." 

                                        - Adam Stark

"In 2016 my team finished with 135 sides for $30M, and in just one short year we nearly doubled our numbers! With the help of ERS, we ended with 237 units for just over $57M in production. There’s no way my team would have hit these numbers without the help of ERS."

                                       - Robbie Breaux

"Our team enjoys the weekly Livestream trainings & accountability coaching calls, it’s a huge part of our success. We can’t thank ERS enough for all of their support over the last 2 years." 

                                        - Dustin & Chad Griffith

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