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4 Things You Need to Hit $100 Million in Sales

August 22, 2019

To transition from business owner to CEO, we need to put certain pieces in place. What steps did we put in place to go from 70 to 700 deals a year in 6 years? What steps can any real estate team owner replicate in their own business?


How to Get Rid of Uncertainty in Real Estate w/Kristy Moore

August 16, 2019

A lot of people are hesitant to invest money because of the perceived uncertainty. Where can we invest without putting ourselves at risk? How can we get started with real estate investing? On this episode, Kristy Moore of Local Expert Realty in Washington D.C. shares how she brought her business back to the top after losing everything.


How to Build a Model of Stability, Support and Opportunity for Our Team w/Kay Houghton

August 9, 2019

Not all agents want to be independent contractors and would rather have the stability and support that comes with being employed, and this might require structuring a team in a non-standard way.


How to Interview Recruits More Effectively w/John Pyke

August 2, 2019

Most Real Estate team leaders would agree that there’s a significant shortage of agents in the market. How can we hire more team members to ensure we keep up with the high number of leads? What’s the best way to approach the recruitment process?