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How to Find Money for Investing Deals & Why It’s Easier Than You Think w/Chris Naugle

March 15, 2019


When it comes to investing in real estate, many people are discouraged by a lack of available money. How can you overcome this perceived barrier?


 Is there money out there that you just haven’t found yet? Where can you start looking for it?


On this episode, I talk with Chris Naugle, star of Risky Builders and the CEO of Flipout Academy, about finding and accessing money for real estate investing.



Takeaways + Tactics


  • Opt to invest in single-family, rather than multi-family units. By doing this, if you ever need to sell a property, you won’t lose all your investments at once.



  • Stop approaching banks for funding. Instead, raise money from private sources.



  • There are ways to keep doing business even when the market is unfavorable. Structure your outreach to attract a range of clients.



Much of what we think we know about money is completely false. We’ve been raised to believe that money is in short supply, and that only certain gatekeepers have access to it. The great news is, that’s not true. There is an endless supply of money out there, coming from untapped markets of new investors. You just need to know where to dig for the gold.

Guest Bio-

Chris Naugle is the CEO of Flipout Academy. In addition to teaching people where to find capital through his Money School, Chris is also known for his appearances on Risky Builders. Despite coming from humble beginnings, through 12 years of hard work and strategic moves to avoid using traditional methods, Chris has generated over $30 million in investor money. Chris is passionate about teaching others how to get passive income and stop worrying about their money.


To find out more about Chris, head to his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/public/Chris-Naugle

Or his website: https://chrisnaugle.com/

You can also find out about FlipOut Academy here: https://flipoutacademy.com/