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How to Retain Agents

May 2, 2019




For years, we've been hearing business owners say they're struggling to retain their teams. How can you make sure you don’t have that problem?


What incentives and benefits should you be offering?


On this episode, we discuss how you can offer value to your team and retain your talent.



Takeaways + Tactics


  • Your business should be the vehicle for your team members that allows them to make more money, while using less time and energy.

  • Make sure you’re offering value to your team members. Bring more value to your talent than any other brokerage would be able to.

  • When agents mention that they want to leave, be sure to remind them of the value you offer. Make sure they know what they would be giving up.



Make sure your company is not a shrine into yourself. Build something that helps everyone
on your team do so. Retaining your team requires you to build something people are genuinely attached to.