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How to Transition from Residential to Commercial Real Estate Investing w/Greg Dickerson

June 13, 2019

A lot of agents are comfortable staying in the single-family sector, but a significant number want to grow out of that and don’t know how to. How can we scale our business? How can we manage numerous projects effectively? Should we be focusing our efforts on one area?

In this episode, Greg Dickerson explains how we can build our business successfully, which sectors we should focus on, and what we need to be careful of when doing so.



Takeaways + Tactics


  • When you have leverage with the right people and outsource the work, it will be easier to effectively manage, maintain and build numerous projects simultaneously.

  • If we focus our efforts on one or two key areas, we’ll make more money faster. We do, however, need to utilize educational resources in order to do this successfully.

  • If you are an agent trying to scale your business, the best way to start is to gain an understanding of investors, and then to find a real estate investor and become their agent.



When it comes to scaling a business, we need to have leverage with the right people and we need to outsource the work that we don’t have the time or ability to do. By building a team, we leave ourselves more time to focus on the high-income activities while our team focuses on the administrative details. It can be daunting moving from residential to commercial real estate, but with an effective leader and the right team, the transition will make for higher-earning transactions.

Guest Bio-

Greg Dickerson is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and developer. He served in the United States Navy right out of high school prior to his entrepreneurial journey. During his career he has bought, developed and sold over $200 million in real estate, built hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings, developed multiple residential and mixed use subdivisions and started 12 different companies from the ground up. Greg is an expert on the topics of real estate development and entrepreneurship. He has spoken at real estate investing conferences and events around the country, he's been a guest commentator on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto and The Dave Ramsey Show and is a regularly interviewed on some of the top real estate investing and business podcasts today.