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The team Building Podcast
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How to Provide Top Grade Value Without Lowering Commissions

July 9, 2020

As real estate team leaders, it’s our duty to provide our agents with as much value as possible. Most people worry that this will become expensive. But true value doesn’t have to come at a cost.

There are ways to provide our agents with excellent resources and our clients with stellar service with zero overhead cost, we just need to find someone else to foot the bill. We can support our agents, without lowering their commissions or dipping into our own pockets.

We shouldn’t need to make the difficult decision between value and profit to provide our people with the assistance they need.


Leverage Your Way to Success w/Will Penney

July 2, 2020

As business owners, we have to leverage the activities that take up too much of our time. This way, we can focus on higher income-generating tasks. Leverage is a key aspect of a well-run organization.

Most successful team leaders would agree that we couldn’t achieve great results without the correct people in admin and support roles. With that in mind, how can we show our clients that we run the show when we’ve leveraged so many of our tasks?

Is it possible to stay in front of our clients, even if we’re not involved in every aspect of the transaction process?


Unconventional brokerages are the model of the future w/Dustin Brohm

June 18, 2020

A lot of team leaders choose to stick with traditional brokerage models but it’s not always the best choice for our business. Creating a non-traditional brokerage model can help us create a working environment where everybody wins.

Traditional brokerages typically stop team leaders from offering certain incentives, causing top agents to look elsewhere to advance their careers. This causes a lot of team leaders to train agents for retention, rather than to allow them to survive on their own.

Is there an option that allows team leaders to invest in their agents, without the threat of losing them to other teams?


The Power of Positivity w/Chris Craddock

June 11, 2020

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented uncertainty into our world, but it doesn’t have to limit our productivity. We can actively choose to stay busy during this time - all it takes is some tweaks to our mindset.

A lot of agents are understandably concerned about their futures - but the onus is on us as leaders to help them move forward. How can we encourage our agents to also stay positive during the pandemic?

The Coronavirus has caused a lot of confusion across industries - but there is hope and opportunity for those willing to shift and lead effectively.


How to Create Effective YouTube Content w/Jackson Wilkey

June 4, 2020

Facebook and Instagram are saturated with agents advertising their services - to stand out we have to take our marketing to a platform virtually untapped by our industry: YouTube.

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the planet, which makes it a great place to gain exposure. The fantastic thing is, it’s completely free.

How can we create the type of YouTube videos that generate tons of business?


How to Run Your Business Like a Military Platoon w/David Kurz

May 28, 2020

The key to running a successful team lies in building great systems. If we want to see great results, we have to ensure we have the best systems in place.

How should we be structuring our teams, and what systems do we need to have in our businesses?

To ensure our operations run smoothly, it’s important to set up a management chain that allows agents to get all the support they need - without overwhelming them as team leaders. One of the best examples of a system like this can be seen in military command structures.