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The team Building Podcast
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Control vs. Controls: How to Transition Out of Sales & Develop More Leaders w/ Nick Waldner

October 19, 2017

A lot of real estate team owners discourage their top agents from running their own teams in fear of creating competition. Why do the best leaders strive to create other leaders? What is the practical process of transitioning out of sales? Why is it so important to train new agents on lead generation first? On this episode, we are joined by real estate CEO, Nick Waldner, who shares on building leadership for your team.

Takeaways + Tactics:


Gold Medal Standard: The Habits of Highly Successful People w/ Matt Aitchison

October 12, 2017

Overcoming the Pain of Expansion w/ Rich & Kathy Fettke

September 28, 2017

99% of residential real estate agents help other people buy houses, but don’t invest in real estate on their own. How can you start using your disposable income more effectively? How do you build your team, get the right people on the bus, and keep them happy? How do you go about delegating while still staying true to your unique abilities? On this episode, we are joined by the real estate investors and co-CEOs of the Real Wealth Network,Kathyand Rich Fettke, who share on how they built the Real Wealth Network team.


My 5 Biggest Mistakes Over the Last 10 Years

September 14, 2017

9 out of 10 entrepreneurs don’t have a plan for investing their disposable income in anything other than their own businesses. Why does this leave you at great risk when the market shifts? Why is finding the right people to leverage so important if you want to scale up? What does it take to be a true leader? On this episode, Jeff Cohn shares the mistakes he has made and lessons he has learned since becoming licensed 10 years ago.


Real Estate Team Systems for Hockey Stick Growth w/Joe Sachetti & Andrew Undem

August 24, 2017

People assume agents are going to love the leads and work them the same way, but they usuallycherry pickthem. How do you nip this team dysfunction in the bud? How do you build a cohesive culture? Why is it valuable to run your team like a brokerage? On this episode, we are joined by co-owners of the Sure Team, JoeSachettiand Andrew Undem.


Building a $1 Billion Office w/Adam Roach

August 17, 2017

A lot of people think once they are producing $50 million, they need to start their own brokerage or franchise. How can this mindset actually steer you in the wrong way? How can you fine-tune recruitment to increase retention? How can you help employees align with their dreams and live better lives? On this episode, we are joined byKWTeam Leader and founder of Recruiting Bridge, Adam Roach who answers these and other questions.