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The team Building Podcast
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Gary Boomershine On Scalable Seller Leads & Building a Hybrid Investment Team

August 10, 2017

Most expansions are typically based on the generation of massive buyer leads. Is it possible to expand on seller leads? How do you simplify managing ISAs? What’s the key to building a successful team? On this episode, CEO ofRealEstateInvestor.comGary Boomershine shares his perspective on team building and lead generation lessons from sending 450K direct mail pieces a month.


Systematically Filling Your Talent Bench w/Chris Watters

August 3, 2017

Some of the most successful teams take a lot of time and effort to build. What are the best recruiting practices to follow? How can we make sure that newly hired agents will fit the bill? And what happens when you go up a level and recruit a full-time recruiter? In this episode, broker and team leader Chris Watters takes us through his successful tactics about finding quality talent to join his team.


Learning from Failure & Building a Great Team Culture w/Nick Shivers

July 6, 2017

What are the biggest lessons you can learn from your biggest failures? What is the “sell a home, save a child” initiative? Why isculturefit so important in getting your team dynamic right? On this episode, Nick Shivers is here to share his insights on life aftergetting gettinghis license suspended, and how his team regained their edge in terms of outbound prospecting and relationship management.


How Tom Cafarella Built a Brokerage with 140 Agents On Seller Leads

June 8, 2017

Agents who don’t want to work the leads they have don’t have respect for themselves. How can teams prevent having people like that in their ranks? What type of leads are most effective for teams to leverage? What are the pillars of a successful growth business? On this episode, we are joined by Tom Cafarella who shares his system, team roles and how he got to where he is today.


The No-Excuse Organization: How the Trembley Group Executes Lateral Accountability

May 25, 2017

Most real estate organizations don’t have leaders, they have managers. What are the pieces they are missing that affect how dialed in agents are, and how successful the team will be? How do you incentivize agents to work on the business as much as they work in the business? On this episode, we go deep on these questions with Scott and Jeremy from the Trembley group.


How to Run and Manage the Perfect ISA Team w/Andy Herrington

April 20, 2017

An ISA can keep between 3 and 5 sales agents busy. What salary and commission should they be working off? What traits should leaders look for in an ISA? Should you build that department first? On this episode of the Team Building podcast, Andy Herrington shares his experience with ISAs, tactics to optimize the department and how you should go about building that team within your team.