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The team Building Podcast
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How to Use ISAs & VAs to Boost Your Business w/Adrienne Lally & Attilio Leonardi

November 15, 2018

Many team leaders hope to hide the issues in their businesses with virtual assistants and other solutions attempts. How does this doom any strategy to failure? How can we structure the leadership and team when we’re out of production? How can we build a team that runs itself?


How to Create a Culture of Consistent Production, Productivity & Accountability w/Dan Holt

November 9, 2018

When it comes to setting goals, most leaders set high ceilings that make it easy for people to get off track. How does setting a minimum requirement produce better results?

What is the best industry to hire people from?


How Chuck Fazio Went from 10 Agents to 140, and Built a Culture Around Relationship-Building

November 7, 2018

The success of our team depends on the systems we put in place. How do we manage a large team while keeping turnover rates low? What makes agents more likely to succeed in a team structure? What are the ways we can enable our agents to sell more homes? In this episode, Chuck Fazio talks about his journey from bein g almost broke to building a business that has $2 billion in production.

How to Build a Highly Focused & Productive Team w/ Nicole Dufala

November 6, 2018

Many real estate teams are not selective enough in their hiring, and fail to properly invest in their people. This leads to low retention rates and other problems. How can we expand our hiring pool


Managing Energy & Building a Lifestyle Business w/Bettina Sastoque

October 26, 2018

Many of us are guilty of spending time on activities that don’t make us happy or give us more freedom, fulfillment or money. How do we begin to do away with those things and prioritize the right activities?


How Virtual Teams Are Redefining Leadership, Reach & Value w/Darryl Baskin

October 19, 2018

Traditional brokerages are lagging behind when it comes to providing value and the support that agents really need right now. How has this made teams more relevant?