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The team Building Podcast
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How to Set Boundaries and Take Control of Your Time w/Todd Ferris

November 21, 2019

Having a work-life balance is vital for holistic success, but not enough of us know where to begin to achieve that balance. How can we build businesses that allow us to pursue other interests and spend more time with our families? Is it possible to set boundaries with both clients and team members and still be successful?


How to Build a National Business in a Super-Focused Niche w/Bryhn Craft

November 14, 2019

Building a business that spans multiple states is a dream for a lot of entrepreneurs, but it can be challenging if we service a relatively niche market. How can we ensure we benefit financially from the work of our out-of-state expansion teams? If we’re in a small niche, like recreational land, what systems should we be using? How can we effectively target our services to a smaller market segment?


How to Create Online Video Content that Differentiates You w/Shelton Wilder

November 7, 2019

Creating video content for social media is vital for success, but agents are apprehensive because they don’t know what content is impactful. How can we gain a following online, and when we do, what content should we be consistently creating? Do we need to spend hours tackling the biggest issues in real estate, or is simplicity key?


Jay Niblick on Recruiting, Hiring & Building Effective Real Estate Teams

October 31, 2019

Far too often, team leaders complain that their agents and staff are failing to deliver - but most of the time the root cause of poor performance is bad hiring practice. How can we start recruiting more effective agents for our teams? Is it enough to hire someone who is willing to perform a poorly-articulated role, or should we be looking for specific personality traits?


How To Create a Hybrid Business Where Everyone Wins w/Ron Rocz

October 24, 2019

As businesses grow, the people in our teams often start wanting to go out on their own and make names for themselves - which can be frustrating. How can we build businesses that allow our team members to grow as much as they want, without putting any limitations on them? Is there a way for our businesses to keep seeing great results, while our agents continue to grow as individuals?


How to Elevate Your Team with a Concierge Service w/Marissa Boyle & Alison Alston

October 17, 2019

To get ahead and stay at the top in real estate, we have to offer our clients a phenomenal service. What should we be providing our clients with? If we’re considering a concierge, what does the service include?