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The team Building Podcast
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Building a Salable Team & Ramping Up a New Brokerage Out-of-State w/Wes Madden

August 30, 2018

Everyone’s heard of the concept of creating salable brokerages, but what about salable teams? How can we cultivate leaders that are capable of guiding the team to success even if we aren’t there? How


Bringing On Indie Agents & Increasing Production Without Expanding w/Amanda Howard

August 25, 2018

For most teams, the path to growth is bringing on more agents. Yet, this risks possible negative impacts on your team culture. How can we still grow without expanding the team? How can we increase the


How to Make the ISA Model Successful & Profitable w/Gary Boomershine

August 16, 2018

The ISA model is something a lot people in our industry have spent time and money on, to varying degrees of success. What does it take to actually make it work and succeed? How do we maximize the bene


Failing Forward & Learning From the Things that Knock You Down w/Erik Hatch

August 10, 2018

Successful people have all experienced challenges and failures, but it takes humility to admit it and grow. What is one of the most common mistakes team leaders make with their first wave of hires? Ho


How to Attract Millennials and Keep Them Productive & Motivated w/Josh Cunningham

August 2, 2018

How to Think & Play Bigger

July 26, 2018

Sometimes we’re so focused on running our businesses, we forget about setting larger goals for ourselves and our teams. What are some of the key traits of people who “play bigger”? How do you allow