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Tips for Aspiring Leaders in Real Estate w/ Ryan O’Neill

May 16, 2019


As aspiring leaders in the real estate industry, there are many things we need to think about in terms of ourselves, our team, our business, our consumers and our market. What mindset do we need to have? How can we support our continual growth? How can we develop a good company culture? What systems and strategies can we use to help us grow?


In this episode, Ryan O’Neill talks about his growth and experiences as a team leader, and what we need to do in order to have a team that feels valued and adds value.



Takeaways + Tactics


  • One of the first things we have to determine as a team leader is what’s valuable to agents in our market. We need to develop and structure our organization so that we can give support that is legitimate and helpful.


  • Building anything meaningful requires a lot of effort. Rather than racing to get to where we want to be, we should be working slowly and steadily.


  • Always try to look at value from the consumer’s perspective. What may seem valuable to you is not always valuable to others.



When managing a team and growing a business, we as team leaders need to make sure that our team feels valued and that our business is providing value. By determining what our team needs, prioritizing steady and consistent growth, and really understanding what our agents and consumers find valuable, we can set ourselves up for meaningful growth and success in our business.

Guest Bio-

Ryan O'Neill is the Founder of The Minnesota Real Estate Team which was established in 2005. The Minnesota Real Estate Team has been the #1 Selling Real Estate Team in Minnesota from 2006 through to today. In 2018, the team closed over 1750 transactions and 477 million in sales. From 2013-2018, the team finished as the #1 RE/MAX Team in the United States and the world in both closed transactions and overall sales volume. With over 150 licensed realtors and team members all over the Twin Cities area, the team takes pride in helping buyers and sellers in all areas of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The team works with clients at his or her own individual pace and on his or her own individual timeline.