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What Masterminding is All About

June 7, 2019


A lot of agents find themselves struggling to get past a certain point of success. How can you go further, and do it faster? To be successful in your field, who should you be networking with?

On this episode, Andy Kueny and I share how to Mastermind more effectively, and we discuss our upcoming event in Omaha: The Team Building Summit



Takeaways + Tactics


  • Network with people in your industry. It’s good to know what your peers are doing. If you’re making mistakes, you’ll learn how to fix them. If you’re doing something right, you’ll get the validation you need.

  • Make sure you’re networking with the right people. This doesn’t mean you have to stick within your industry. Doctors, lawyers and other business owners will have valuable insights.

  • Get out of your comfort zone. To experience growth, you have to try new things and get out of your box.



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