Real Estate Lead Generation: How To Build A Leveraged, Transferable Lead Generation Machine

In the latest edition of the Elite Real Estate Systems Hangout, we go deep into the first of Gary Keller’s two keys to expansion - a leveraged, transferrable lead generation machine. Your 3 key takeaways: Expansion can include expanding within your own brokerage or city Becoming a ‘rockstar agent’ actually traps you in production, and you must shift your marketing away from hyper-local, personality-driven lead generation in order to expand Track every lead source and split your lead gen investment among 10 sources so you’re always ahead of the curve Resources & Links: Expansion- Learn how you can partner with Elite Real Estate Systems - build your career, start your own satellite team and re

Guest Interview: Real Estate Uncensored

Watch the On-Demand Replay Jeff was recently invited to appear on Real Estate Uncensored, a marketing and sales training podcast, to share prospecting systems and scripts he's developed over the years. Key Quote: Too often people are saying, “What am I getting from those that are below me? How am I gaining?” You have to go 180 degrees the other direction. “What am I giving? What are they gaining?” If you’ve given them enough value they’ll stay with you forever. They can see that you care more about them than you do about yourself. Key Takeaways: The time to exit personal production is when your TEAM is bringing in enough to cover your basic expenses outside of your personal production Divide

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