Team Building Mastermind w/Pat Hiban

When it comes to expansion and teams, people want too much too fast. What mistakes are they making in their expectations of profitability? Why do we have to measure the profits of rockstar teams differently? What really determines how valuable a business is? On this episode of the Team Building Podcast, Pat Hiban shares the trends he’s observed in teams and his insights on value propositions for expansion. The only way to get 70% profitability is to be very referral based so your lead gen costs are low or you have to be willing not to expand. - Matt Johnson Takeaways + Tactics Eliminate the team leader's personal sales when you’re looking at the true profit margin of a business. Businesses t

From Hunting Deals to Hunting Relationships: Lessons Learned From Expansion w/Andy Kueny

After opening several traditional expansion locations in 2016 with varying degrees of success, Andy shares his takeaways on behavior profiles, getting agents to take action and the difference between hunting for business and hunting for relationships. We want to foster the kind of group environment where [our expansion agents] get 15 ideas from 15 team leaders around the country. - Andy Kueny Takeaways + Tactics When it comes to expansion, the lure of price point can be very attractive, but talent trumps everything. You can’t feed people with a fire hose. The information will get set aside and never acted on. Top agents are often “hunters,” and they find the transition to “farmer” very diff

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