How to Run and Manage the Perfect ISA Team w/Andy Herrington

An ISA can keep between 3 and 5 sales agents busy. What salary and commission should they be working off? What traits should leaders look for in an ISA? Should you build that department first? On this episode of the Team Building podcast, Andy Herrington shares his experience with ISAs, tactics to optimize the department and how you should go about building that team within your team. Any team worth its salt has 2 or 3 agents that don’t ever want to talk to an ISA. They’ve got 2 or 3 people who are kicking ass and don’t need any help. – Andy Herrington Takeaways + Tactics Top teams have three or four solid sources of business. The ones who are struggling are the ones trying lots of different

Brokerage vs Team: An In-Depth Mastermind w/San Diego's #1 Team Leader Kyle Whissel

Real estate agents need babysitting. How do you provide the culture and environment that makes them want to work and stay with you over the long run? What are the pros and cons of opening your own brokerage? On this episode, Kyle Whissel, founder of the #1 real estate team in San Diego County, talks about running an independent brokerage and restructuring his business. Agents can only take on so many leads before they go overboard, 30 leads per month is the ideal number for an agent to get and still value. -Kyle Whissel Takeaways + Tactics Run 'Brainstorm Sessions" with your team to generate ideas and share what's working across your team. Agents need babysitting. The sooner you accept that,

Stealth COOs: Habits and Systems of Great COOs w/Christy Belt Grossman

Mega-agents and mega-teams need mega support. How do high level EAs differ from COOs? How can mega-teams grow fast enough to keep the personality profiles of COOs occupied and engaged? On this episode we go deep on what makes stealth COOs tick, how to hire for the role and the common mistakes people make. Christy Belt Grossman joins us for this high-level mastermind! If you’re a stable team that is not in growth mode, you will definitely have someone who is risk averse, who wants to maintain and protect the empire. - Christy Belt Grossman Takeaways + Tactics Compensation should be based on a salary+bonus based on team profitability. Hire with the end in mind, not just today's needs. Mindset

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