Coach Bill Hart Interviews Realtor Jeff Cohn

“If companies want to adapt to the millennial mindset, they need a very strong video presence.” The key to succeeding with video, he says, is to be authentic. “And they don’t have to be long. They don't have to be 90 minutes—they don't even have to be 90 seconds.” Jeff Cohn’s team has been #1 in units in the state of Nebraska for three consecutive years.

Learning from Failure & Building a Great Team Culture w/Nick Shivers

What are the biggest lessons you can learn from your biggest failures? What is the “sell a home, save a child” initiative? Why is culture fit so important in getting your team dynamic right? On this episode, Nick Shivers is here to share his insights on life after getting getting his license suspended, and how his team regained their edge in terms of outbound prospecting and relationship management. The person that only wants to make money for themselves is probably not a great fit for our team. - Nick Shivers Takeaways + Tactics: Train people so they're good enough to leave you but give them such a big opportunity that they stay. It's not enough just to make a lot of money - You need a Big

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