Control vs. Controls: How to Transition Out of Sales & Develop More Leaders w/ Nick Waldner

A lot of real estate team owners discourage their top agents from running their own teams in fear of creating competition. Why do the best leaders strive to create other leaders? What is the practical process of transitioning out of sales? Why is it so important to train new agents on lead generation first? On this episode, we are joined by real estate CEO, Nick Waldner, who shares on building leadership for your team. Takeaways + Tactics: - A team leader is responsible for recruiting talent, retaining the top 20%, and keeping them engaged. - Agents need to learn lead generation, and then earn the right to learn the rest. - Your top agents also want the chance to grow their own teams. If the

Gold Medal Standard: The Habits of Highly Successful People w/ Matt Aitchison

Most people take the path of least resistance or give up way too quickly when challenged. How do you stay motivated and follow through with the actions that will lead to success? Why do you need to find the right people to associate with? What are the habits successful people have and why are they so crucial? On this episode, Matt Aitchison shares his insights on what helps people become leaders, build wealth, and develop other leaders. Takeaways + Tactics: - Our problems often birth our happiness. - Your net worth is usually an accumulation of your network. - Staying in relationship with your goals is different than just writing them down. At the start of the show, we discussed some of the

How An Analytical Mindset Created Success for Jeff Cohn in Omaha, NE

In this episode of Driven, we take a ride with Jeff Cohn as he shows off the power of analytics (and an investigative mind) when running a real estate team. Jeff Cohn owns and runs Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group. Last year, they were the #2 team in Berkshire Hathaway worldwide. They closed 600+ sides last year, and they plan on closing 750 this year. So, what’s driving the ambitious goals and high success rate? An investigative mindset. Jeff will be the first to tell you he is an analytics kind of guy, but don’t let the word scare you. He keeps his goal top of mind in every business decision and when he implements a new strategy or technology, he measures the impact it’ll have on the goal.

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