Samer Kuraishi On Lead Generation, Team Building & Attracting Agents

Teams are built on recruiting, training, and retaining by offering value. What is the best way to create value for the leaders within your team so they don’t leave? What is a virtual boardroom and how can it help you improve as a leader and as a team? What are the strongest online lead sources for a business that generations up to 1,000 leads per month? On this episode, we are joined by East Coast team leader, Samer Kuraishi shares how he built a team up to $1 billion in volume in 6 years. Years ago, people came in because of leads. These days they’re knocking on the door because they want to be around successful people. -Samer Kuraishi Takeaways + Tactics: - Success comes down to how well y

How to Add a Zero to the End of All of Your Deals w/ Brandon Nelson

Team leaders want their operations to run so smoothly that the business can still run in their absence. How do you build the infrastructure that can allow you to grow your team? How can you determine whether you should recruit more people or not? On this episode, we are joined by Brandon Nelson who shares his rockstar strategies for growth. "The Holy Grail of business and generating income in this world is being comfortable enough to hire someone to join you and help you, and then to build a team below them." - Brandon Nelson Takeaways + Tactics: - When you find someone who can handle operations to the point that you don’t have to run everything, that person has to graduate to 6 figures. - T

Vertical Integration, The Power of Scaling & Using Knowledge to Attack Problems w/ Josh Mente

The majority of people in real estate aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities in additional businesses. Why is vertical integration such a powerful thing when you run multiple businesses? What are the three key roles of a business owner/CEO? What misconceptions do people have about leveraging your business? On this episode, we are joined by Josh Mente, who shares how he built a team from the ground up and the habits and strategies that led to his success. Takeaways + Tactics: - You need visionary and integrator roles; without one or the other, you don’t have anything. - It’s smarter to slow down with the “information grab” so you can actually digest and implement what you learn. - When

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