How to Fail Forward & Find the Right Expansion Partner w/Lisa Archer

Every expansion office is a new business and should be treated as such. Why is it so critical to expand with people you align with behaviorally? What indicators can you use to identify a good expansion partner? What are some of the key factors you need to know about a potential expansion office? On this episode, we are joined by broker, COO, coach and expansion expert Lisa Archer, to discuss lessons she’s learned from 3+ years of expansion. "You can’t manage what you don’t measure." -Lisa Archer Takeaways + Tactics - There are two reasons you fall out of business with someone: you’re either no longer on the same business plan or you have a culture issue. - Treat every expansion office like y

How Logan Boyce Doubled His Team Sales from 50 to 100 Deals in One Year

Many agents find themselves frazzled by the process of trying to grow. How do you break out of the hamster wheel and start running less as a job and more as a business? How do you set up the accountability piece for your team? How can you increase the conversion of your leads? On this episode, Logan Boyce joins us to talk about putting the right pieces in place to grow beyond 40-50 deals. "It’s just about plugging in 100%. Do not, under any circumstances, reinvent the wheel." -Logan Boyce Takeaways + Tactics If you’re a visionary, finding your “implementor” will unlock massive success. When you have designated lead days, conversion goes up because your team is dedicated to that one thing, an

How Karen Briscoe Went From Rejoining the Workforce to Becoming a Successful Broker Owner and Author

A lot of brokers and potential team leaders fear that they’ll lose people if their leadership isn’t the right fit. How do you know if people will be happy with you running the show? What is the right mindset you should apply to this limiting belief? What is the trajectory of going from broker owner to CEO? On this episode, team owner, author and podcaster Karen Briscoe shares how she got back in the game and ended up buying a team that now does 100+ deals a year. Takeaways + Tactics - Make sure that what you’re pouring your marketing money into is actually serving your target market. - A lot of business books are information heavy, but they don’t inspire you to change your behavior. - Charit

How to Scale Up Your Recruiting w/Rhyan Finch

There are a lot of millennials and Z-generation agents in real estate who are starved of good leadership. How do you build the kind of culture that attracts these people and makes them want to stay? What does it take for you to be the kind of leader that can carry this kind of organization? On this episode, we talk to Rhyan Finch, a team leader who has managed to build a culture that truly provides value. "If you don’t think it’s going to work then you’re not going to work it as hard as if you do. If you’re passionate about it, your passion can carry you through your model pretty well." -Rhyan Finch Takeaways + Tactics - Brick-and-mortar real estate agencies aren’t going away, but they will

Tracking Results From Conversations to Close with Jeff Cohn

It’s time to stop guessing. Every new year is another opportunity. We’ll show you how to leverage it with a deeper, more analytical mindset. Specifically, Jeff Cohn’s. He’s spent years turning his business into the #1 team in Nebraska, closing over 700 transactions in 2017 alone. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to track leads from initial contact to closing. In that process, you’ll see which “levers” you can pull to increase results. It’s the perfect lesson if you’ve ever faced obstacles with conversions, business planning, or fine-tuning lead follow-up. Key Points We'll Cover The top 4 ways to communicate with active leads, so you convert at the highest level Simple methods to tracking le

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