How Robbie Breaux Doubled His Volume in One Year

A team leader has the important role of showing agents how they can get to their goals. How can you play your part without compromising culture? How do you hold people accountable through team meetings? In what ways can a leader be more intentional about the conversations they have with their team? On this episode, we talk to team leader Robbie Breaux, who shares how he and his team doubled in volume. Takeaways + Tactics - For every team or individual meeting on your schedule, set aside a mirror time on your calendar to prepare and decide how to bring value. - Fiercely protect your culture-- it's very expensive to hire the wrong person. - Accountability is a two-way partnership. It's not a

Looking to 2018: Tech Trends, ROI & Having Clarity on Your Numbers

A lot of teams don’t really have a clear vision for how they manage their paperwork in their back office. How can tech help teams deal with this problem so they don’t max out at a certain number of transactions? How are CRMs motivating agents to engage with internet leads faster? What are we planning for as we look to the new year? On this episode, we answer these and other questions. If you’re an individual agent engaging leads, you should always be reaching out to your sphere. That’s going to be your biggest return on investment. -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics - The most successful lead conversion with an internet lead happens with the first 3-5 minutes of the lead registering. - Define h

Make A Million Dollars Only Working 1 Day A Week In Your Business | Jeff Cohn

Learn how to make a million dollars working only 1 day a week in your business like Millionaire rockstar Jeff Cohn does. New Millionaire interviews, motivational videos, and educational content will be posted every week on the website and YouTube channel. Today's Millionaire interview is with Jeff Cohn. Jeff is known for abnormal results, obsessive tracking, and a relentless drive to be elite in every area. Jeff is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Nebraska’s #1 selling residential team, as well as a number of other real estate businesses. After graduating from UNO with a degree in Business Administration, Jeff began his real estate career in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Je

How to Build a Scalable and Sellable Business w/Jack Cotton

Many people equate a business that runs systematically with being the McDonald’s of real estate. How should we think about systems in the business? How can you bring value so that your brokerage does well? Why is it so necessary to execute on your value proposition well? On this episode, we are joined by Jack Cotton who shares how he’s been able to build long-term success and a business that goes the distance. "The more you can create systems that make the agent’s life easier, the less turnover you’re going to have in your business." -Jack Cotton Takeaways + Tactics - Most people who want to buy teams won’t want to buy a C-corp. They’d much rather buy an S-corp because they want to do an ass

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