Pillars Of Wealth Creation: Fire Yourself - With Jeff Cohn

Todays guest Jeff Cohn owns and operates multiple businesses and has mastered the art of leveraging others and systems. Jeff's companies are integrated around each other all feeding off of each other to grow and become successful. Listen along as we talk about what it takes to be successful at a high level like Jeff. Get More of Jeff: Jeff’s Website: www.EliteRealEstateSystems.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eliterealestatesystems/ Jeff’s Real Estate Podcast: eliterealestatesystems.com/podcast

Rock Thomas on How to Become a Whole Life Millionaire

People often get so focused on one thing in their life that they begin to ignore other important components. What are the principles and pillars of a well-rounded life? How do you overcome your demons, turn things around and self-actualize? What is the strongest accountability you can get in life? On this episode, we talk to GoM1 founder, Rock Thomas who shares how to become a whole life millionaire. Takeaways + Tactics - Say yes to things that are going to be painful, because they will make you a better version of yourself. - When you’re under the gun, you perform better. You feel more alive and focused. - No one created anything great by only doing things when they feel like it. At the sta


Returning guest Jeff Cohn makes over $1 million per year, even if he never sets foot in his office. That’s because he built his real estate team based on an entirely different type of business model. In his previous podcast, Jeff talked about what makes this model ideal for business owners. Today, Jeff shares some of the secrets to running a team like his successfully, including the three pillars of building a real estate team and the best system for holding agents accountable. Jeff even explains exactly what a team must offer in order to retain its best agents. If you’re interested in building a team that runs itself, you won’t want to miss this episode! Listen to today’s show and learn: Je

Sales Training, Scorecards & Re-Marketing to Your Own Team w/Troy Brimmer

A lot of people getting into real estate don’t have prior sales experience, and they need to be coached on the fundamentals. What do a lot of teams get wrong about this process? How can you build accountability into your team without being oppressive? How do you get your team to invest in your events? On this episode we are joined by Finch Team sales manager Troy Brimmer, as we dig into the back office systems that helped the team sell over 540 homes in 2017. Takeaways + Tactics You have to re-market to your own team, selling them on the benefits of team building, culture events, and your ongoing training. Hold agents accountable to THEIR goals-- not yours. Consistently train on sales fundam

Live Lead Generation, Lead Conversion & Writing Books to Build Authority w/Aaron Hendon

Customers are taught to have the wrong business conversations with agents. How do we start educating them so they know what’s important? Why is asking about commissions the wrong thing to do? Why is lead conversion something so many people fall short on? On this episode, we talk to Aaron Hendon, who answers questions on these topics. Takeaways + Tactics - If you’re in production, you can have up to 5 people in your pod. If you’re out of production and just offering support and mentorship, you can have 12. - If you think of the way you communicate only, you’ll end up only attracting people in the same demographic as you and you’ll miss out. - A lot of agents are moving away from the brick and

Leadership Face-off: How Team Leaders REALLY Add Value

A team leader has the responsibility of always achieving at a higher level. How do your priorities influence the quality of your team? What are the biggest mistakes leaders make? Who should you be serving? On this episode, we talk about expectations, responsibilities and what a leader should truly provide to the people they lead and serve. "A team leader has two responsibilities. One is to the agents they serve, and the second is to the clients their agents serve." -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics - Every great organization has an ongoing, systematic approach to training. - Lead generation isn’t enough. If you're not converting the leads, you’re just wasting money. - We’re competing in two m

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