How to Test & Scale New Lead Sources

When you have to generate leads for people other than yourself, it’s a whole other ball game. What is the mindset you should have towards establishing a new lead source? When things go wrong, who takes responsibility? How much money should you put towards successful lead sources? On this episode, we discuss how to go about determining buckets of leads, and the right way to go about adding a lead source. "Leads are leads, people are people. Find the lead source where you can essentially buy a person’s phone number and email address for the least amount of money." -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics - Different types of leads: sphere of influence leads, prospecting leads, expireds, FSBOs, just list

How DotLoop Helped Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group Rise to #2 At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

5 Fun Facts About Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group 1. Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group is the second most productive team in Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 2. Jeff Cohn’s team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group is on track to sell 1,000 homes in 2018. 3. Jeff Cohn opens up his in-person training sessions to agents from other brokerages. 4. In the Omaha market, Jeff’s national brand carries a heavy influence. 5. Jeff Cohn’s innovative team system relies on the dotloop’s Team Dashboard. According to Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group team leader Jeff Cohn, a new agent’s typical reaction is, “I can’t believe this was always here, and I didn’t know about it.” What they didn’t know about was the syste

How to Look Outside the Industry for New Talent w/Rob Buffington

A lot of teams have found massive success hiring talent from outside of the industry. What are the base skills and traits you should be looking for in an agent? How do you create value in team meetings so that people want to actually attend? What’s more important in real estate, sales or customer service? On this episode, we are joined by leader of The Buffington Real Estate Group, Rob Buffington, who shares how he’s staffed his team with solid talent. There’s only one sale in a real estate transaction, and it’s not the sale of the house. It’s the sale of convincing a buyer or seller to work with you. -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics Team leaders: Ask yourself if you could be profitable if you

Overcoming the Pain Points that Come with Growth w/Mary Maloney

Most people don’t get into real estate saying they want to be a team leader. What are the hurdles and mistakes you go through when you start growing faster than anticipated? What can happen when you pay too much attention to culture and the brand? What are the biggest pain points teams experience as they step into another level? On this episode, we are joined by Mary Maloney who shares these and other insights on growing a team. A lot of people see opportunity as risk, and we all have a different threshold for that. -Mary Maloney Takeaways + Tactics Never neglect your bench. Don't assume that people will always stay with you, no matter how great your culture is. As you grow bigger, it's OK t

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