How Systems Can Take the Burden of Managing a Team w/Adam Stark

Scattered initiatives confuse teams, while systems save time and help agents know what steps to take next. What can you do to organize the arrival of new team members? What’s the best way to keep them accountable and help them trust you? Is there a way to navigate through the chaos created by too much work and too few resources? On this episode, Adam Stark shares how he used systems to put team management on autopilot. Takeaways + Tactics Always look for new talent, but be aware of the changes in the dynamics of your team. When you’re dealing with too many leads and can’t follow-up as you used to, outsource the work to specialized companies instead of burdening your agents with superficial f

How to Relentlessly Focus on One Key Metric w/Lance Loken

In an industry where there are so many roads to success, finding a key metric to track can be daunting. How do you form your business plan around a single metric? Are systems necessary? What can you do to improve your conversion rates without increasing your spending? On this episode, Lance Loken shares how he built a successful real estate business around a key metric and how you can do it too. "You build an organization to compliment your deficit." -Lance Loken Takeaways + Tactics The one key metric that makes a real difference is the conversion rate. Each year should be planned in advance. The 1-3-5 method helps your team focus on one goal, three priorities that help with reaching that on

How to Get More Referrals Both Online and Offline

Referrals are one the best ways to get a steady stream of income without making a large investment. But how can you get people to talk about you? How can you build a referral machine both online and offline? And how should you keep in touch with your database? On this episode, we answer these questions with Elite Real Systems leader, Jeff Cohn. Real estate agent training : Learn the latest strategies and systems to build your real estate career. Get More of Jeff: Jeff’s Website: Facebook: Jeff’s Real Estate Podcast:

Lessons Learned in Lead Conversion from 1 Million Internet Leads w/Josh Cunningham

When it comes to increasing your conversion rates, availability is key. But how do you know what method of communication your leads prefer? How much time do you have after they show interest in your virtual store? Does the lead source makes any difference? On this episode, Josh Cunningham shares what helps his company stay on top of the game when it comes to converting leads. Any time you see a common weakness or frustration shared by the top people in the industry, it smells like an opportunity -Josh Cunningham Takeaways + Tactics Lead sources do not influence how humans respond to persuasion. No matter where your leads come from, the way you choose to interact with them determines your con

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