What Team Model is Best for You?

We might be tempted to copy someone else’s team model, but will that make us successful? Will their model work for our skills and personality? Are there any patterns that lead to success across all team types? In this episode, we speak about team models and how to find out which is best for you! "The best way to follow-up with a lead is to follow-up in the same form in which they communicated with us." -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics There are 3 types of team models: the community team, the rockstar team, and the CEO team. There are different manifestations of these models, all of which can lead to success, but only one structure fits you. Our team should be an expression and amplifier of our

Attention Real Estate Agents – The Team Building Summit, Omaha, 2018

Our client Elite Real Estate Systems is hosting the Team Building Summit in Omaha, Nebraska, May 8th through the 10th 2018 and InPlayer is more than proud to allow access to the premium live stream of the event: https://specialevents.inplayer.com/ The Team Building Summit is bringing in some major vendors in the real estate industry to talk about their products and how they help contribute to building real estate teams. You’ll learn how to build a real estate team to scale your business. You’ll hear directly from top agents who run profitable and large teams including Greg Harrelson, Daniel Beer, Jeff Cohn, Spring Reynolds Bengtzen, Christopher Watters’s operations manager and many more. Thi

From the Daily Grind to CEO: How Jeff Quintin Made the Switch

Many agents find themselves having no weekends or holidays. They are constantly on the phone-- and if they stop taking calls, they fear losing clients. Is there a way to step out of production and still make money? How can a top agent make the switch from being constantly on-call to leading a team? On this episode, Jeff Quintin, a former top agent, speaks about how he went from doing everything himself to building a team and regaining his free time. "By us being in production, we are handcuffing the growth of our team because we don’t have enough time to pour towards them." -Jeff Quintin Takeaways + Tactics Many rainmakers face the same issue: the money is great, but they end up working 60-7

How to Recruit Real Estate Agents Without a Recruiter w/Frank Klesitz

Recruiting the right people on your team is crucial for the success of your business. But how do you reach the right people and filter out the wrong people? What are the mindset changes that need to take place for you to become an agent magnet? How can you provide real value to your potential hires? In this episode, Vyral Marketing CEO, Frank Klesitz shares how you can recruit agents the DIY way. The main pillars of growth are recruiting talent, retaining by offering value, and training. -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics You don’t need a recruiting agent as long as you have systems in place that show the benefits of joining your team to the right people. Start building a platform where you make

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