How to Find the Ideal ISA and Keep Turnover Low w/Jeff Coats

Prospecting is one of the hardest parts of acquiring a listing. On top of this, many inside sales agents want to leave this role and move up to being an agent taking a bigger cut. How can we keep turnover rates low when it comes to our ISA’s? What are the personality traits that makes someone a good fit for this position? And what should we train them to do in the prospecting process? On this episode, Jeff Coats shares how to keep ISA turnover rates low and build a successful prospecting system. Takeaways + Tactics - The ideal ISA already has two streams of income in his/her family and is happy with a base salary plus commissions. If the ISA is not happy with their salary, they will try to m

How Mark Anderson Stepped Out of Production After 5 Years in Business

Stepping out of production can be scary. What if our team isn’t ready? How do we prepare ourselves and our agents for us to step out of production and focus on other aspects of our business? How can we help our agents thrive, and what’s the best way to reduce turnover rates? In this episode, Mark Anderson shares his story about how he went from having a foreclosure on his home to being a team leader with over 170 homes sold per year, now aiming for 300. "You are supposed to hire people who are smarter and better than you in different positions. That’s the only way you'll grow out of that position." -Mark Anderson Takeaways + Tactics - Driven team leaders tend to believe everyone should be a

Why Personal Development Is Key to Building a Top Team w/ Clayton Gits

When you are happy in your personal life, it reflects on your business as well. Why don’t more leaders invest in personal development? If working on yourself makes you a better leader, why not apply the same principles to your agents as well? Should you train and focus on each agent equally or pour your resources into those that look promising to you? In this episode, Clayton Gits speaks about his experience with personal development and business success. What we feed our mind, soul and body is what we put out to the world. -Clayton Gits Takeaways + Tactics Personal development training for agents is a must. Your level of success will never exceed your level of personal development. Your emo

How to Train New Agents & Accelerate Their Growth w/Dewey Golub

Training new agents is usually a hassle, and at times it can be expensive and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be this way. How can we incentivize senior agents to become mentors for new agents? When is the right time to put new agents into sales? Should we let them decide on what they want to focus on? In this episode, team leader Dewey Golub shares his experiences with building a team from scratch. By being in coaching, I’ve taken other people’s pain points and removed them from my future life. -Dewey Golub Takeaways + Tactics Each junior agent should go through a training process as a buyer agent after they graduate. From there, they can determine what area suits them based on their int

How To Scale Buyer Agents & Install Consistent Buyer Consults Across All Agents w/Andy Kueny

The dream of every team leader is to have a strong team that can consistently set enough appointments and attract buyers. But how do you help newer agents who work with buyers? Should you hire seasoned agents instead? What kind of mentors do you look for in order to become a better leader? In this episode, Andy Kueny shares his insight on finding the right coach, growing a successful team, and attracting more buyers. Sometimes we almost deconstruct these teams to start with the basics and implement the lead generation. Then they can start to scale the right way. -Andy Kueny Takeaways + Tactics It’s your job as a team leader to provide agents with reasons to come to the office. If you want a

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