How to Think & Play Bigger

Sometimes we’re so focused on running our businesses, we forget about setting larger goals for ourselves and our teams. What are some of the key traits of people who “play bigger”? How do you allow yourself to truly experience the freedom that comes from implementing the CRM strategy? What is the best way to get involved in other businesses without getting distracted? On this episode, we talk about how to start thinking bigger and putting ideas into action. Those who play big find ways to intertwine work with pleasure. -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics For successful people, work and life are not an “either/or” choice. It’s just about maximizing opportunities to build a really big lifestyle. Yo

How to Use Core Values and Branding to Build a High Producing Team w/ Michael Carr

In order to thrive for the long-term, a team must be built on a set of core values. Is the team or the brokerage model going to change? What role does branding play in attracting highly-skilled agents? Why is it important that agents in a team support one another? In this episode, Michael Carr discusses what keeps a team together, how to reward your agents, and the role branding plays in attracting both agents and clients. Takeaways + Tactics The people who are more likely to be successful in the future will be those who use a hybrid model. This consists of a broker who is also leading a high producing team and a few satellites of successful agents. Agents shouldn’t compete against each othe

How an Inside Sales Agent Can Bring More Business and Build Relationships with Past Clients w/ Robyn

Inside sales agents can take the heavy lifting from the hands of agents, but only if they receive proper training. Should an ISA be licensed? Is hiring an untrained ISA ever a good idea? How can you keep turnover rates low? In this episode, Robyn Hayes shares how training an ISA can bring business and build relationships with past clients. Takeaways + Tactics Most ISA’s (inside sales agents) aren’t given the proper training, and their lack of experience shows in the results. Ideally, an ISA should be unlicensed and paid well. Otherwise, they will chase the commission like agents do. ISA’s who are focusing on the lending aspect should prioritize building relationships and asking questions abo

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