Building a Salable Team & Ramping Up a New Brokerage Out-of-State w/Wes Madden

Everyone’s heard of the concept of creating salable brokerages, but what about salable teams? How can we cultivate leaders that are capable of guiding the team to success even if we aren’t there? How do we keep talent turnover low? In this episode, Wes Madden shares how he built a salable team and what he learned throughout the process. Be somebody that makes people feel like somebody. -Wes Madden Takeaways + Tactics Focusing on our team’s growth is a way for us to build towards stepping out of production. Our job is not personal development, but the team’s development. If we want to sell our business, we need to determine our profitability. The first step is to make a formal evaluation. Thi

Bringing On Indie Agents & Increasing Production Without Expanding w/Amanda Howard

For most teams, the path to growth is bringing on more agents. Yet, this risks possible negative impacts on your team culture. How can we still grow without expanding the team? How can we increase the productivity of the agents we already have? If we choose to take on independent agents, how can we bring value to them? On this episode, Amanda Howard shares how she is implementing the plan to increase production while still keeping her team the same. A driven person who wants to succeed in life needs mentors they can count on. -Amanda Howard Takeaways + Tactics When we remove ourselves from production, we have to take that time and put it into our agents. When we go into a new market, there’s

How to Make the ISA Model Successful & Profitable w/Gary Boomershine

The ISA model is something a lot people in our industry have spent time and money on, to varying degrees of success. What does it take to actually make it work and succeed? How do we maximize the benefits of overseas callers? How has our guest’s team integrated technology into his ISA model? On this episode, Gary Boomershine is back to talk about what he’s doing to actually get results from ISAs. Takeaways + Tactics When you launch a new strategy, it’s not enough to just feel like it’s working. You have to use numbers and metrics to inform whether or not you’re on the right track. You want an ISA who is sharp, knowledgeable, and friendly. On calls, using the word “property” instead of “house

Failing Forward & Learning From the Things that Knock You Down w/Erik Hatch

Successful people have all experienced challenges and failures, but it takes humility to admit it and grow. What is one of the most common mistakes team leaders make with their first wave of hires? How do you start implementing tactics that will actually get the wheel of success turning? Why should team leaders include the rest of the key staff in masterminds? On this episode, we talk to Erik Hatch about failing and starting over, to now running North Dakota’s #1 team. I’m a student of leading people, of empowerment, and how to give my best to people. This intrinsically leads them to give their best to me. -Erik Hatch Takeaways + Tactics Just because you know how to sell houses, doesn’t mean

How to Attract Millennials and Keep Them Productive & Motivated w/Josh Cunningham

Unlike previous generations, millennials want more than a paycheck. They want to be part of something meaningful. How can we provide this type of work environment for millennials? What kind of team culture do they respond to? Why is the DISC profile test an important part of the hiring process? In this episode, Josh Cunningham shares how he built a successful real estate lead nurturing business by hiring and training millennials. "People aren’t looking for a career where they just clock in, sell their 8-9 hours per day for a paycheck, and go home to actually be who they are." -Josh Cunningham Takeaways + Tactics Millennials are looking for more than just a way to give 8 hours of their time i

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