How to Take Advantage of the Slow Season w/Byrd Bergeron

In the winter, many agents give up prospecting and connecting with leads altogether. How do we keep the leads flowing when only a small percentage of people are looking for homes during this time of the year? Should the marketing message change during slow seasons? How can a roadmap for our agents help us avoid leaking money? In this episode, Byrd Bergeron shares how team leaders can take advantage of the slower season and holidays. If you wait until January to evaluate what you are doing, it’s too late. You are way behind the curve. -Byrd Bergeron Takeaways + Tactics Organic leads come more slowly during the winter, but if we constantly invest in paid leads, we’ll still get results. Our mar

How to Create & Execute a Monthly Live Recruiting Event

Recruiting isn’t always something teams take an intentional approach to, but it should be. How can we build a system that will bring people to us? How do we reach out to people to get them into our world? How can we create content both for new agents and seasoned agents who’ve been in the game longer? On this episode, we lay out the model and execution of attracting recruits to our team through training content. You must have one level of training for new agents that don’t know the business, and a whole other level for agents that have been in the business a long time. -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics The top 3 pillars of building and scaling a successful real estate business are recruiting, r

Mindset, Perseverance & What It Takes to Get to $3 Billion in Sales & Volume w/ Bob Wells

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of focusing only on business growth while neglecting personal growth. How can you program your mindset to align with your goals? What are the dangers of attaching our self-worth to a dollar value? How can we improve mentally to allow for a high level of growth in every area of our lives? On this episode, Bob Wells talks about building his businesses and shares how he has developed to be able to execute at such a high level. When you focus entirely on growing your business without growing yourself as a person, it’s unsustainable. -Bob Wells Takeaways + Tactics Set ONE goal for the year, and then ONE habit that will move us toward that ONE goal. As team lea

How Ron Wexler Stepped out of The Rainmaker Role & Stepped Into Leadership

As rainmakers, there comes a point in our careers where we are more valuable to our teams as leaders and coaches. How do we find the star players who can run the team with us and grow into leaders? What is the real differentiating factor between the people that do 100 deals vs. the people doing thousands? How do we break the 300-deal mark? On this episode, Ron Wexler, a team leader who’s been in the business since 1984, shares how he exited production 3 years ago, how his team sold 240 homes last year, and what it takes to go from rainmaker to leader. The key is finding someone else incredible that wants to play the game with you at a high level and then together figuring out where you want

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