Metrics Tracking - November Coaching Topic

I’m Jeff Cohn, CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems, and Team Leader of our flagship team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, that has gone from 70 to over 700 real estate transactions in less than six years. We are excited to share with you a sneak peek into our high level Team Leader Livestream Coaching topic for the month of November focused on goal setting and metrics tracking! Determining your KPIs could be the difference between your team growing or simply getting the same results year after year. We use a company called Sisu to empower our agents to track their activities each and every day. Sisu makes it easy for them to log their key performance information from their mobile app, and pro

Managing Energy & Building a Lifestyle Business w/Bettina Sastoque

Many of us are guilty of spending time on activities that don’t make us happy or give us more freedom, fulfillment or money. How do we begin to do away with those things and prioritize the right activities? How can we hold ourselves accountable? What do the world’s most successful and fulfilled people have in common? On this episode, Bettina Sastoque shares on the importance of having the right priorities in everything we do, and how that influences the results we get. "If I prioritize where I put my energy, it gives me a lot of time to give back to the people I want to give back to— and that’s my family, friends and clients." -Bettina Sastoque Takeaways + Tactics Our families hold us accoun

How Virtual Teams Are Redefining Leadership, Reach & Value w/Darryl Baskin

Traditional brokerages are lagging behind when it comes to providing value and the support that agents really need right now. How has this made teams more relevant? Why are so many companies hesitant to abandon the brick and mortar model, or even try a hybrid? How does the virtual model give us more opportunities to reach more people and scale? On this episode, Darryl Baskin shares on the evolution of real estate business models and how we can leverage the shift. "If we don’t adapt to the changes that are taking place in the real estate world right now with all the threats rocking the boat, we won’t survive." -Darryl Baskin Takeaways + Tactics The brokers who don’t know how to train agents i

How to Build a Highly Focused & Productive Team w/Nicole Dufala

Many real estate teams are not selective enough in their hiring, and fail to properly invest in their people. This leads to low retention rates and other problems. How can we expand our hiring pool to find people who are good fits for our teams? What is the future of hiring in real estate going to look like? Why are people with an athletic background such great hires? On this episode, Nicole Dufala talks about building and managing the best systems, and plugging the right people into them. We love educating our agents, not just on traditional real estate. My goal is to make sure they are well-educated and are going to be in the business for a long time, making good money. -Nicole Dufala Take

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