High Level Goal Setting for 2019

Many leaders don’t know how to lead when it comes to effective goal setting. Do we set goals based on where we want to go, or based on where our people want to go? How do we help people go towards what they want with systems and models in our business? What can we do as leaders to help our people become hardwired for success? On this episode, we talk about how leaders can help set goals for people on the team and provide the tools to turn those goals into achievements. 3 Takeaways/Tactics The emotions of our people are not hardwired for success so we have to help steer them and celebrate success. Our job as leaders is to deliver the vehicle that allows our people to achieve their dreams. If

Running an Investment Business Parallel to Your Team w/ Jennifer Spencer

For most team leaders, the only path to more production is recruiting more agents to the team. However, we can use other vehicles to earn more money. How can an investment business that complements our team increase production and wealth without more work or more agents? How can the team and the investing side share resources in a sustainable way? What strategy can we use to get the most out of real estate investment? On this episode, Jennifer Spencer talks about doing more transactions without adding more people, investing in real estate, and creating more freedom in our lives. Takeaways + Tactics If you want a lead generation source in buyer’s agents, you have to hire high S-personalities.

Doubling Your Agent Count: Training, Team Building & Recruiting w/ Creig Northrop

It takes a certain kind of team and leadership to do a billion dollars in sales, but that’s what Creig Northrop did at age 35. How does a team achieve such an amazing feat? How do we lead a team with a culture that puts talent at the center? What are the most important things to hold agents accountable to on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis? On this episode, we are joined by the Billion Dollar Agent, broker owner, and multiple team leader, Creig Northrop to discuss culture, leadership and accountability. "Knowledge is competence, competence is trust, trust is a sale." -Creig Northrop Takeaways + Tactics The “Apple Approach” to Real Estate: Build the systems that free your agents up to do n

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