How to Leverage Technology and The Power of the Internet w/ Gino Blefari

Internet-based communications are often hailed as a massive opportunity for businesses, regardless of industry. Yet, a lot of people view the internet as a place to strictly promote business, rather than actively conduct it. How can real estate entrepreneurs use technology in a way that will reap tangible rewards? What advantages does the internet have to offer for real estate? On this episode, I talk with Gino Blefari on his own podcast as we discuss these questions. "Treat your client like you treat your family." -Jeff Cohn Takeaways + Tactics - The best approach to a growing business is a combination of learning and implementing. The two should never be mutually exclusive, and you should

Goal Setting, Metrics & Accountability for Team Leaders & Owners w/ Brian Charlesworth

The success of a real estate team is tied closely to how well you track your numbers, but that’s not easy to do when all your information is on different platforms. How can Sisu be used to bring all the information together to track everything in your business? How can this make us better leaders? What are some of the problems in the current system that led the founder down this path? On this episode, Sisu founder and CEO, Brian Charlesworth shares how to use Sisu for better tracking, motivation, and having a bird’s eye view of the whole business. Takeaways + Tactics Tracking numbers frequently improves results. With Sisu, you can easily track the number of closes an agent needs to make in o

How to Be More Efficient & Effective in Your Health, Marriage, & Use of Your Time w/ Josh Sm

As hard-charging entrepreneurs, it can be easy to focus so much on our business that we neglect our personal lives. What can we do to improve our marriages and relationships with our kids? Why is it so important for us to focus on our health and be consistent? What are some apps and tech tools we can use to be more efficient? On this episode, Josh Smith joins us to discuss the behaviors, disciplines, and actions that can help us have success in all areas of our lives. Takeaways + Tactics With the commission suppression coming in the industry, we have to do more volume— and that means means being more efficient. Do a DISC test with your partner and learn their love language. It will make it e

New Year, New Mindset! Let's Talk "BIG PICTURE" in 2019

Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we launch into 2019 with Big Picture Training. We will cover the entire process from A-Z that facilitated our flagship team's growth from 70 to over 700 sales in just 6 years. Jeff will kick off the month with Big Picture training that covers all the bases. This includes culture, lead generation and conversion, accountability, as well as the systems and strategies you can begin to implement to start growing your business today! Now is the time to determine your mindset and strategies for 2019. Be prepared to change. Be prepared to fail. Be prepared to learn from your failures and succeed!

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