Business Models of the Future

We’ve all been told that teams will become the biggest players in real estate in the near future. With such an emphasis on building teams, how can you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? Which model should you be following to stay ahead of your competitors? On this episode, we discuss the importance of blended approaches to business. Takeaways + Tactics Your model should blend traditional real estate with investments. Don’t separate the two. Hire an appraiser for your team and have them shoot videos of their findings. This will attract investors. Empower your agents by offering to buy properties from your clients. By doing this, your agents and your business are bringing a unique serv

How to Find Money for Investing Deals & Why It’s Easier Than You Think w/ Chris Naugle

When it comes to investing in real estate, many people are discouraged by a lack of available money. How can you overcome this perceived barrier? Is there money out there that you just haven’t found yet? Where can you start looking for it? On this episode, I talk with Chris Naugle, star of Risky Builders and the CEO of Flipout Academy, about finding and accessing money for real estate investing. Takeaways From This Episode Opt to invest in single-family, rather than multi-family units. By doing this, if you ever need to sell a property, you won’t lose all your investments at once. Stop approaching banks for funding. Instead, raise money from private sources. There are ways to keep doing busi

How to Effectively Leverage a Team w/ Jeff Cohn

Many people who become business owners believe they need to personally work harder in order to achieve more in their business. Is putting in more of your time and effort really what your business needs? Is that even sustainable? On this episode, I talk with Jeff Cohn, founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group and host of the Team Building podcast, to share his thoughts on leveraging teams and how he’s done it so successfully. Takeaways + Tactics If you want to build a business, you need to create a team and framework that will be able to withstand your exit. Hire a team of people who enjoy doing the things you don’t. This way, no one is wasting their time doing things they don’t want to do.

Using Personality Types to Build the Best Team w/ Matt Cavanaugh

We often talk about the importance of teams in your business. What makes them so vital? How can you make the most of your team once you’ve got one in place? How can looking at personality types help you craft an effective team? On this episode, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Systems Success Manager, Andy Kueny, compares notes with Matt Cavanaugh of Team Cavanaugh Real Estate. We talk about building a dream team based on people’s personalities. Takeaways + Tactics You need to build a team to build a business. In turn, you’ll stop being another cog in the machinery that is the real estate industry. Build a team supportive of individual interests. By doing this, you’ll maximize the time and energy e

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