Why You Need to be Intentional in Every Area of Your Life w/ Aaron West

There are so many distractions in the world that it can be easy for business owners to feel overwhelmed when scaling their businesses. How can you prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, and start creating a business that will last? Can you apply the same tactics for success in all areas of your life? On this episode, I talk with the owner of The West Experience Real Estate Group, Aaron West, to hear how he’s become successful with his business, family and health. Takeaways + Tactics Create ‘black-and-white’ commitments. Don’t allow for any gray areas when setting goals. Get out of your comfort zone. You’re not growing if you’re not in the pain zone. Stop putting time pressures on yourself.

How to Get Massive Leverage w/ Gary Boomershine

Successful real estate professionals know that there are a lot of factors that go into scaling a business. What should you be focusing on to make sure you get massive leverage? Which tasks should you be leveraging to other people? On this episode, I talk with real estate investor and founder of REIVault, Gary Boomershine, who shares stellar advice for taking a real estate business to the next level. Takeaways + Tactics If you want to build your business, it’s crucial that you use other people’s time instead of your own. Give sellers the option of selling their home at the ‘investors price’. While it’s lower than what they’d get for a traditional listing, share the benefits of selling at the

How Does Your Recruiting Strategy Stack Up To The Competition?

RECRUITING is our topic for the month of April. This includes everything from creating a strategic Facebook Mastermind page, to hosting Events, and facilitating Agent Training across all brokerages. We will unpack the recruiting methods we utilize for our flagship real estate team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, that keep us a step ahead of our competition. How does your recruiting strategy stack up? Find out this month!

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