Growing Your Sphere of Engagement with Homebot w/ Nina Hein

As agents, we need to consistently maintain valuable relationships with our clients. How can we bring more value to people who have bought homes with us? How does Homebot benefit agents and loan officers? How can Homebot help us engage and empower our client base? In this episode, Nina Hein shares how the Homebot platform brings more value to our clients and helps us manage our business. Takeaways + Tactics When we provide our clients with the tools and information that is specific to them, they find value in us. This eliminates the need for them to look elsewhere for help. Most homeowners don’t know how to manage their home because they are intimidated by the financial conversation around i

Tips for Aspiring Leaders in Real Estate w/ Ryan O’Neill

As aspiring leaders in the real estate industry, there are many things we need to think about in terms of ourselves, our team, our business, our consumers and our market. What mindset do we need to have? How can we support our continual growth? How can we develop a good company culture? What systems and strategies can we use to help us grow? In this episode, Ryan O’Neill talks about his growth and experiences as a team leader, and what we need to do in order to have a team that feels valued and adds value. Takeaways + Tactics One of the first things we have to determine as a team leader is what’s valuable to agents in our market. We need to develop and structure our organization so that we c

Jeff's Top 10 Book Recommendations

So many people always ask, "what are Jeff's top book recommendations?" Well, here they are! Each book title has a link to where you can buy it. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller Unshakable by Tony Robbins 7 Level of Communication by Michael Maher Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson How to Win Friends and Influence People in The Digital Age by Dale Carnegie The One Thing by Gary Keller The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell To learn more about Jeff, head to: Facebook: Elite Real Estate Systems Podcast: T

How to Engage and Retain Part-Time Working Millennials w/ Josh Cunningham

Millennials expect something a little different from previous generations when it comes to the work they do. What is the mindset of a millennial? What are their expectations and standards? How can we engage and retain millennials as employees? In this episode, Josh Cunningham explains how he built and implemented culture tools that helped with bringing in and retaining top millennial talent. Takeaways + Tactics - We need to be purposeful about our company culture and the time we spend at work. If we create a space where people feel recognized and motivated, we will be able to better retain and engage millennial employees. - Professional environments should encourage us to constantly improve

How to Retain Agents

For years, we've been hearing business owners say they're struggling to retain their teams. How can you make sure you don’t have that problem? What incentives and benefits should you be offering? On this episode, we discuss how you can offer value to your team and retain your talent. Takeaways + Tactics Your business should be the vehicle for your team members that allows them to make more money, while using less time and energy. Make sure you’re offering value to your team members. Bring more value to your talent than any other brokerage would be able to. When agents mention that they want to leave, be sure to remind them of the value you offer. Make sure they know what they would be giving

How Does Your Agent Accountability Compare?

ACCOUNTABILITY is the Elite Real Estate Systems topic for the month of May. In order to create a team environment that is focused on accountability, you must first inspect what you expect. We will unpack the accountability methods we utilize for our flagship real estate team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, that have allowed us to scale our business from 70 to 700 sales in just 6 short years. How does your agent accountability compare? Find out this month!

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