How to Work with Family & Recruit Effectively w/ Scott and Bryan Colemere

It’s always great to hear success stories, but sometimes it’s the stories about failure that make the biggest impact in our lives. How should you approach the recruitment process? What do you need to know about working with family? On this episode, I’m joined by Scott and Bryan Colemere to hear where they’ve gone wrong and how they’ve improved. Takeaways + Tactics If you’re considering working with family, make sure you have a buy/sell agreement in place. In any business, it’s important to respect the time of your peers. Make sure you’re staying respectful of everyone you’re surrounded by. This applies when you work with family, as well. Never forget that your employees follow your lead in t

Tips for Building a Great Team w/ Matt Bohanon

Building a team from scratch sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. How can you go about building the most effective team possible? What should you be looking for in the recruitment process, and how can you maintain a great team? On this episode, Matt Bohanon shares how he built his own team at Keller Williams. Takeaways + Tactics Focus on recruits with customer experience. It’s more important to find team members who know how to give great customer service than years of experience in the real estate industry. Have your staff write down every activity they do, and how long it takes them. From there, you can assess what should be done by a virtual assistant. Don’t forget the importan

How to Transition from Residential to Commercial Real Estate Investing w/ Greg Dickerson

A lot of agents are comfortable staying in the single-family sector, but a significant number want to grow out of that and don’t know how to. How can we scale our business? How can we manage numerous projects effectively? Should we be focusing our efforts on one area? In this episode, Greg Dickerson explains how we can build our business successfully, which sectors we should focus on, and what we need to be careful of when doing so. Takeaways + Tactics When you have leverage with the right people and outsource the work, it will be easier to effectively manage, maintain and build numerous projects simultaneously. If we focus our efforts on one or two key areas, we’ll make more money faster. W

What Masterminding is All About w/ Andy Kueny

On this episode, Andy Kueny and I share how to Mastermind more effectively, and we discuss our upcoming event in Omaha. Takeaways + Tactics Network with people in your industry. It’s good to know what your peers are doing. If you’re making mistakes, you’ll learn how to fix them. If you’re doing something right, you’ll get the validation you need. Make sure you’re networking with the right people. This doesn’t mean you have to stick within your industry. Doctors, lawyers and other business owners will have valuable insights. Get out of your comfort zone. To experience growth, you have to try new things and get out of your box. We started the episode by sharing what you can expect from our upc

Are You Saving Money By Zero Basing? Not Sure? Find Out How With ERS Livestream In June!

ZERO BASING is the Elite Real Estate Systems topic for the month of June. We will share the exact strategies we have implemented that allow us to zero base not only our marketing costs, but our administrative costs too. We will unpack the methods we utilize for our flagship real estate team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, that have allowed us to zero base our marketing and administrative costs through marketing service agreements as well as broker fees. How does your team compare? Find out this month!

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