4 Things You Need to Hit $100 Million in Sales

To transition from business owner to CEO, we need to put certain pieces in place. What steps did we put in place to go from 70 to 700 deals a year in 6 years? What steps can any real estate team owner replicate in their own business? On this episode, we talk about the 4 things we need to build and scale a dominant real estate team. Takeaways + Tactics The number one thing that will attract new agents is leads. If we create a good enough incentive for them to work the leads, that can allow us to earn money while easing ourselves out of production. The national average of internet lead conversion is less than 1%, but any team can raise their lead conversion to 2-3%. They key is installing the

How to Get Rid of Uncertainty in Real Estate w/ Kristy Moore

A lot of people are hesitant to invest money because of the perceived uncertainty. Where can we invest without putting ourselves at risk? How can we get started with real estate investing? On this episode, Kristy Moore of Local Expert Realty in Washington D.C. shares how she brought her business back to the top after losing everything. Takeaways + Tactics Invest money in real estate. If we buy property today, with 2019 money, in a few year’s time it will be worth more. If we don’t want to sell our assets, we should follow the BRRR strategy- Buy, Renovate, Refinance, Repeat. This is a great option, as refinancing has no tax implications. We can educate ourselves on real estate investing and j

How to Build a Model of Stability, Support and Opportunity for Our Team w/ Kay Houghton

Not all agents want to be independent contractors and would rather have the stability and support that comes with being employed, and this might require structuring a team in a non-standard way. How should we structure this type of team? How can we make sure our employees are producing enough return? How can we motivate our employees to stay when they become top producers? In this episode, Kay Houghton discusses how we can manage and retain a successful team of employed agents by offering security, training and incentives, and shares what she did to get to $70 million in just three years. Takeaways + Tactics When we give people job security and the incentive to earn bonuses when they produce

How to Interview Recruits More Effectively w/ John Pyke

Most Real Estate team leaders would agree that there’s a significant shortage of agents in the market. How can we hire more team members to ensure we keep up with the high number of leads? What’s the best way to approach the recruitment process? On this episode, interview expert and Bestselling author, John Pyke shares his insights on recruiting more effectively. Takeaways + Tactics Stop relying on the face-to-face interview so much. While meeting someone in person is helpful in assessing their values and personality, the information we’ll get is only surface-level. The interview is merely the tip of the iceberg. Look for sales DNA. Research has shown that some people’s brains are hardwired

August's Team Leader Livestream Topic: CULTURE

This month is all about how to create, build and uphold culture within your real estate team. We will jump into how we have defined our leadership roles, built our team's culture and how we practice our culture everyday. Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we dive deep into CULTURE. We will unpack the methods we utilize for our flagship real estate team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, that have helped us create an unmatched culture for our agents. How does your team compare?

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