How to Host an Event That Gets You Referrals w/ Michael Maher

Hosting events is a great way for us to generate leads and increase our spheres of influence. What mistakes are we making when throwing events, and how many functions should we be hosting every year? How can we use appreciation parties to benefit not only us, but our partners as well? On this episode, author, speaker and entrepreneur Michael Maher shares why we need to host more events, more frequently. Takeaways + Tactics One of the biggest mistakes we make is not hosting events at all. We should be hosting parties for our clients; prospective and existing alike. Hosting just one function is not enough. To gain momentum and keep our clients’ attention, we should aim to host 3-4 events every

How the CLASS Method Can Take You From 70 Deals a Year to 700 Deals a Year

Often the reason we’re not seeing major results in our businesses is because we don’t know the steps we should be taking to get to the next point. If we want to maximize our success, we need to use methods that pay attention to multiple areas. Why is culture such an important element of our businesses? How should we approach lead generation and conversion in order to maximize our success? On this episode, we learn how the CLASS method can take us from 70 deals a year to 700 a year. Takeaways + Tactics Invest in your team and create a great company culture. By helping our agents on their journeys, we can retain top talent and get more business. Find a CRM that works, and don’t focus on cost.

How To Overcome Business Stagnation With the Three Pillars Of Success w/ Mike Mazyck

A lot of broker owners struggle to see their businesses overcome stagnation. How can we grow our teams - and our businesses - faster? How can we recruit the best talent possible for every role in our businesses, and can we use social media to boost our results? On this episode, real estate educator and broker owner, Mike Mazyck shares the 3 pillars of successful growth. Takeaways + Tactics Hire the right leadership. One bad egg can have devastating effects on our businesses - especially if that bad egg is in a leadership role. Share video content through social media everyday. By offering free content that highlights our core values, we can recruit those whose core purposes match ours. Consi

Jeff Cohn On The #1 Regret Of Top-Level Investors

One of the biggest issues we have in our conversation about success is that it’s too business and money-focused. How can we build more effective businesses, while ensuring our drive for wealth doesn’t take over other aspects of our lives? What are some of the common regrets of top-level investors? On this episode, founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Elite Real Estate Systems and host of the Team Building Podcast, Jeff Cohn shares insights on how to build a successful life in all areas. Remember that it’s not all about money. To be truly successful, you have to be winning in the personal, spiritual and physical areas of your life. -Jeff Cohn 3 Things We Learned To build passive inco

Key Real Estate Investment Strategies For Creating Passive Income w/ Clint Bartlett

Real estate investment is a great way to create a passive income, but there are so many investment strategies that choosing the best strategy can be overwhelming. What different types of investment should we consider? Which is the best option, and how can we determine the most relevant strategy for our needs and abilities? On this jam-packed episode, co-owner of Dynamic Properties, Clint Bartlett shares the best strategies for real estate investment. Takeaways + Tactics Entry-level investors should consider wholesaling: acquire a property under contract and reassign it to the end buyer - then charge an assignment fee. When flipping properties, keep renovations minimal. Investors might also o

Becoming Berkshire Hathaway's #1 Agent with Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn is the #1 agent with Berkshire Hathaway. He is also a dear friend of mine and has been an invaluable coach, mentor, and friend as I’ve built my own real estate business. One thing that’s always stood out to me about Jeff is his entrepreneurial mindset. As realtors, we create opportunities for wealth for everyone in our sphere of influence. Sometimes, we don’t think enough about doing the same for ourselves by capitalizing on those same opportunities. In this episode, Jeff discusses his journey to the #1 spot, what he is doing to combat the ibuyers coming into the space, and how he is creating massive wealth by investing in real estate. Interested in buying a home? Click here to vie

Scale Your Training and Accountability with Video

As business owners, we want to be able to scale our operations so we aren’t forced to stay in the day-to-day. How can we create systems that allow us to train and lead our team with less time and effort? How can we uplift our internal leaders in the process? How can we ensure accountability of our agents? On this episode, Success Manager and ERS Elite Coach Andy Kueny explains how video recordings of training sessions and subject matter experts can be used to scale our teams. Takeaways + Tactics Anything that forms a part of the process in our business should be documented through video. These videos can be easily shared with the rest of our team for years to come. Have full-time agents reco

September's Team Leader Livestream Topic: MARKETING PRESENTATIONS

This month is all about MARKETING PRESENTATIONS. We know in order to create leverage, you must first create systems that your agents can than implement. Join Jeff and the ERS Training Team as we dive deep into MARKETING PRESENTATIONS. We will show you our listing presentation, buyers presentation and a bank presentation for investing. These presentation will help you best show the value you offer to your clients. Trust us, you don't want to miss out! What marketing presentations do you have in place already?

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