Jay Niblick on Recruiting, Hiring & Building Effective Real Estate Teams

Far too often, team leaders complain that their agents and staff are failing to deliver - but most of the time the root cause of poor performance is bad hiring practice. How can we start recruiting more effective agents for our teams? Is it enough to hire someone who is willing to perform a poorly-articulated role, or should we be looking for specific personality traits? On this episode, CEO of WizeHire, Jay Niblick shares why leaders need to be more active in the hiring process. Takeaways + Tactics Stop settling. Often, as leaders, we settle on hiring someone who is willing to do the job but may not be the best fit for the position. We need to start looking for talent, not just willing work

How To Create a Hybrid Business Where Everyone Wins w/ Ron Rocz

As businesses grow, the people in our teams often start wanting to go out on their own and make names for themselves - which can be frustrating. How can we build businesses that allow our team members to grow as much as they want, without putting any limitations on them? Is there a way for our businesses to keep seeing great results, while our agents continue to grow as individuals? In this episode, broker/owner at RE/MAX Nexus, Ron Rocz shares how to retain a great group of real estate professionals. Takeaways + Tactics The thought of agents leaving our businesses to branch out can be frustrating - unless we change our mindset. Start seeing growth as an opportunity for everyone to win. Some

How to Elevate Your Team with a Concierge Service w/ Marissa Boyle & Alison Alston

To get ahead and stay at the top in real estate, we have to offer our clients a phenomenal service. What should we be providing our clients with? If we’re considering a concierge, what does the service include? On this episode, Marissa Boyle and Alison Alston of Lodestone at Costello Real Estate and Investments share why they’ve hired a concierge for their team. Takeaways + Tactics Offer clients more value by providing a service most teams don’t have: a concierge. A concierge should go above and beyond - from picking up laundry to registering a client’s children at school in the new neighborhood. Put the clients’ experience at the forefront. Concierge services are expensive but will take our

How to Attract Your Dream Team w/ Meighan Wise & Andy Kueny

When we’re building teams, recruiting top talent is important - but so is finding people who fit seamlessly into our company’s culture. Does that mean we should be looking to hire like-minded people like our friends? What do we do if we find our recruits aren’t reflecting the qualities we would like to see? On this episode, top producer at the number one team in Indianapolis, Meighan Wise shares how we can build our dream teams. Takeaways + Tactics: Be wary of hiring friends. We may have a lot in common with them socially, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for our company’s culture. Be what we want to attract. If our agents aren’t shaping up, we need to look at ourselves and see wha

3 Growth Strategies for Your Business w/ Matt Mick

To take our businesses to the next level, we have to build and nurture teams of talented agents. How can we recruit great talent that will ultimately allow us to step out of some roles? What role does training play in growing our businesses, and what value can we offer agents to ensure they stay on our teams? On this episode, team owner at Lincoln Select Real Estate Group, Matt Mick shares how he used the three pillars of growth to boost his business. Takeaways + Tactics: Recruiting talent is vital when growing a business. If we’re not good at recruiting by ourselves, we should partner up with people who can connect well with recruits. Training should always be prioritized. Ensure agents are

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