How to Take Your Business into the Next Decade w/ Andrew Clark

As we approach a new year and a new decade, we have to start gearing up for changes to the industry in general, and our businesses in particular. How can we maintain a high level as we enter the new decade? Should we be worrying about the move towards iBuyers, and how can we keep our clients interested in us as the market increasingly shifts towards online alternatives? On this episode, Broker/CEO at Medway Realty, Andrew Clark shares how we can take our businesses into an exciting future. Takeaways + Tactics Keep agents happy by allowing them to work from home. There are so many great ways to communicate virtually, there’s no need for them to come into an office. Stop worrying about iBuyers

How to Set Boundaries and Take Control of Your Time w/ Todd Ferris

Having a work-life balance is vital for holistic success, but not enough of us know where to begin to achieve that balance. How can we build businesses that allow us to pursue other interests and spend more time with our families? Is it possible to set boundaries with both clients and team members and still be successful? On this episode, co-host of The Boom Podcast and team leader at Ferris Property Group, Todd Ferris shares how to achieve a better work-life balance. Takeaways + Tactics When planning each day, start by scheduling the things we want to achieve. This makes it easier to accommodate every commitment we make, both work and family related. Set boundaries with clients. Most people

How to Build a National Business in a Super-Focused Niche w/ Bryhn Craft

Building a business that spans multiple states is a dream for a lot of entrepreneurs, but it can be challenging if we service a relatively niche market. How can we ensure we benefit financially from the work of our out-of-state expansion teams? If we’re in a small niche, like recreational land, what systems should we be using? How can we effectively target our services to a smaller market segment? On this episode, Bryhn Craft of Midwest Land Group shares how to build a business that spans states, even in a small niche. Takeaways + Tactics A great way to ensure we benefit financially is to implement a referral fee. Build an internal referral system with an easy to understand commission struct

How to Create Online Video Content that Differentiates You w/ Shelton Wilder

Creating video content for social media is vital for success, but agents are apprehensive because they don’t know what content is impactful. How can we gain a following online, and when we do, what content should we be consistently creating? Do we need to spend hours tackling the biggest issues in real estate, or is simplicity key? On this episode, CEO of Shelton Wilder Group at Compass, Shelton Wilder shares how to excel with video content. Takeaways + Tactics Consistency is key. If we want to gain a following on social media, we have to stay top of mind by constantly sharing quality content. Differentiation makes all the difference. By sharing meaningful content where no one else in our ma

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