Big Picture Training Event Part 2 w/ Jeff Cohn

Many agents think lead conversion just applies to internet leads, but every single lead category we focus on requires a system and a nurture strategy. What percentage of your business should be internet leads? What does the first conversation with a lead need to be about if we want to convert at a high level? What are the 4 levels of leads based on quality? On this second part of our Big Picture 2020 webinar, we discuss the lead categories we need to be considering to convert at the highest level. To schedule a free call with our Director of Growth To get email updates about new episodes go to To download two

Big Picture Training Event Part 1 w/ Jeff Cohn

Having the right foundation that’s going to help us have success in our business primarily comes down to having clarity. What are the lead opportunities we can leverage? How can we make a 10X return on the market with internet leads? In this first training of 2020, we take a 10,000 ft view of where time should be spent within our organizations, from lead generation to lead conversion and sphere engagement. To schedule a free call with our Director of Growth To get email updates about new episodes go to To download two free PDF's: Jeff's Business Plan and his Lead Generation Guide, go to T

How to Build a Future-Focused Team w/ Randy Courtney

As we move into a new decade, we have to start focusing on how we’ll take our businesses into the future. Who should we be looking to attract as agents, and how can we retain them once they join our teams? How can we ensure we grow alongside one another? On this episode, owner and broker at Courtney Valley Wide, Randy Courtney shares how to build and nurture the team of the future. Takeaways + Tactics Look for agents who want to achieve more and who are willing to be held accountable. Once we’ve attracted agents, we have to give them the resources to keep improving their skills. Offer continual training and empower agents to replicate our success. To retain top agents well into the future, w

How to Free Up Your Time and Transition to CEO Level w/ Steve Satterlee

As we near the start of a new decade, it’s important for business owners and team leaders to take stock of their current positions and think about what the future holds. How can we get out of full-time commitments and start focusing on our ownership duties? Which activities should we distance ourselves from - and what should we be basing our decisions on? On this episode, owner of Full Sail Real Estate, Steve Satterlee shares how to make the jump from a full-time job to CEO. Takeaways + Tactics Decide what to be great at. It’s easy to be good at a range of activities, but to be truly great at something, we have to narrow down our focus. Base decisions to leave certain activities on personal

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