5 Minute Success - Secrets of Elite Real Estate Systems Revealed w/ Andy Kueny

Andy Kueny – SUCCESS MANAGER Andy is responsible for individually coaching over 40 agents that lead to follow up best practices are being adhered to and holds agents accountable for both their involvement in the team and lead their business. Andy’s years of experience in being a top-selling agent give him the expertise and knowledge required to hold others accountable and put them on the fast track to growing a successful business. He leads by example, easily gaining the respect of his peers, and thus making him an excellent leader. In this episode, Karen and Andy discuss: Success Story of Andy Commit to Get Leads There are 3 buckets of lead generation: your SOI (sphere of influence), your p

How to Implement Effective Systems in Your Business w/ Misty Soldwisch

The key to a successful business lies in effective systems, so it’s important we put the right ones in place. How can we simplify the organization of our teams? How can we reward our agents for great results, and what can we do to help them take their own business up a notch? In this episode, Broker/Owner at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations, Misty Soldwisch shares how to put more effective team systems in place. Takeaways + Tactics Leverage systems that simplify organization. Tools like Trello work wonders for any business. Categorize agents based on what they’ve achieved. By doing this, we not only motivate them to get to the next level, but ensure they feel valued for their

How to Build a Team-Oriented Brokerage w/ Matt Curtis

To build successful brokerages, we need to focus on empowering our teams. What is a ‘team-erage’, and how can building one bring us great results? How should we be managing and distributing leads between our team members? On this episode, Founder of Matt Curtis Real Estate and host of the Double Your Real Estate Sales podcast, Matt Curtis shares how to build a successful team-erage. Takeaways + Tactics To see great results, consider building a ‘team-erage’. This is a team-oriented brokerage that depends on the value each individual team member brings to the table. A team-erage is most effective when agents are working leads brought in by the brokerage (instead of individuals). While agents s

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