How to Make the Most of a Market Shift w/ Mark Pattison

Market shifts are an inevitable occurrence feared and dreaded by many in this business. It is possible to survive and thrive through them, but we have to be optimistic and focused on finding opportunities in the chaos. Why is mindset so important during a shift? How do we maximize our output during this uncertain period? In this episode, Founder of PorchLight, Mark Pattison shares how to make the most of a market shift. Takeaways + Tactics One of the biggest barriers to success is negativity. Instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong, think of what could go right. If we want to thrive both during and after this market turn, we have to double our efforts while everyone else is

Ensuring Your Business Thrives After COVID-19 w/ Prashant Vanka & Danny Burgess

COVID-19 has dropped a massive question mark-shaped bomb on us all, so to ensure our businesses survive the pandemic, it’s vital we start adapting our strategies immediately. Do we need to stay productive while sheltered in place? How can we reach out to both buyers and sellers during this time? In this episode, Prashant Vanka and Danny Burgess of Doors Advisors Keller Williams share how to handle the question mark-shaped bomb that is COVID-19. Takeaways + Tactics Stay disciplined and keep grinding. COVID-19 has divided us into two camps: productive and unproductive - if we want our businesses to thrive once this passes, we have to ensure we’re in the first group. Reach out to buyers from th

Building a Team That Brings Value to Both Clients and Agents w/ Greg Erlanger & Mike Zinicola

Building teams allows us to provide value across the board, so it’s important that as leaders, we know what we’re bringing to the table. When should we be formulating our unique value propositions? Are there any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to provide our agents and clients added value - and why do we have to make sure we let people know the services we provide? In this episode, founding members of EZ Sales Team, Greg Erlanger and Mike Zinicola share how to build a team that brings phenomenal value to clients and agents alike. Takeaways + Tactics Before starting a team, we have to come up with a unique value proposition that sets us apart from everyone in the industry. This value will be used to

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