How to Run Your Business Like a Military Platoon w/ David Kurz

The key to running a successful team lies in building great systems. If we want to see great results, we have to ensure we have the best systems in place. How should we be structuring our teams, and what systems do we need to have in our businesses? To ensure our operations run smoothly, it’s important to set up a management chain that allows agents to get all the support they need - without overwhelming them as team leaders. One of the best examples of a system like this can be seen in military command structures. In this episode, EXP Real Estate Broker, author, speaker and Marine Corp veteran, David Kurz shares how to run a team like a military platoon. Takeaways + Tactics Learn from t

Keller Williams Announces New High Tech Market Center, kwELITE

On December 10th, 2019, it was announced at the FutureCon Tech Conference in Las Vegas that Keller Williams ( is preparing to open kwELITE, a new Market Center in West Omaha, Nebraska. Jeff Cohn, a native of Omaha and founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, will lead the new venture with his team of 35 agents. The 10,000-square-foot campus was built to be modern and consumer friendly. kwELITE is located in the Advent Building at 17838 Burke St. The high-tech office will be a one-stop destination to aid buyers and sellers in numerous areas of the buying and selling process, such as acquiring a mortgage, title, insurance services, and more. New technology features are planned to be

Jeff Cohn: The Secret System To Success

Jeff Cohn’s team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, focuses on the implementation of the latest technology to help maintain the highest level of service to their clients. Jeff’s group leads with value, not only to the consumer, but to his agents as well. They live by the motto: "Be Elite in all you do!" This started when Jeff was 24 and graduated from college. Diving right into real estate Jeff had one goal in mind, run a real estate team. After starting his team in 2011 Jeff completed 240 transactions in just the first year. Now on track to do over 400 units this year Jeff joins Pat Hiban and shares what systems you should implement in order to go from real estate rookie to real estate rocks

How to Use Craigslist for Lead Generation w/ Alberto Mejia

Craigslist is often overlooked by agents as a lead generation source, but it’s a great candidate for generating leads affordably. In fact, Craigslist posts often convert just as well as typical Facebook or Google Ads. In a time like this where we’re looking for ways to pivot and shift our businesses, Craigslist is a worthy option to create another business stream. How can we start using Craigslist as a lead generation source? How can we build systems that leverage Craigslist lead generation? On this episode, Founder and Owner of Just Realty List, Alberto Mejia shares how to use Craigslist as the ultimate lead source. Takeaways + Tactics Why Craigslist leads need patience Craigslist posts c

How to Surpass Any Obstacle and Create a Successful Future w/ Rock Thomas

Given our current state of uncertainty, a lot of people are beginning to feel anxious about what the future may hold. Even though we’re facing challenging times, we can continue to push forward. By consciously using our time to think about success and committing to small improvements, we can overcome any obstacle life presents. Success comes from within, and if we want to move forward, we have to cultivate the right mental and emotional state. How can we stay optimistic during this period? Is it possible to make positive changes without overwhelming ourselves in an already stressful environment? On this episode, motivational speaker, bestselling author and coach, Rock Thomas shares how to ma

The #1 Berkshire Hathaway Agent in the World in 2019 Shares His Thoughts on Virtual Reality and the

Jeff Cohn, ranked as the #1 agent in the world at Berkshire Hathaway in 2019, joins David & Joe, hosts of the All in Podcast, and tells his story. The three get into virtual reality in real estate, the demands of consumers and how this impacts the brokerage office of the future. They also touch on COVID-19 and its impact on the real estate market. Listen on Apple Podcast Listen on Google Play Listen on Spotify Listen on TuneIn ____________________________________________________________________________________ Go to to receive your FREE PDF step-by-step plan to follow to help build a profitable and successful real estate team! Connect with Jeff Cohn: Twitter: @ERS_co Facebo

Jeff Cohn Interview with Gary Boomershine and

Jeff was recently interviewed by Gary Boomershine and Check out the two articles below! Why Real Estate Investors Need to be Solution Focused with Sellers Jeff Cohn Shares About Real Estate Investing and Using Our Services ____________________________________________________________________________________ Go to to receive your FREE PDF step-by-step plan to follow to help build a profitable and successful real estate team! Connect with Jeff Cohn: Twitter: @ERS_co Facebook: Elite Real Estate Systems Website: YouTube: Elite Real Estate Systems Instagram: @elite_real_estate_systems

How to Use Facebook Live for Real Estate w/ Scott Shapiro & Mustafa Kweku

With so many people self-isolating at the moment, it’s become more important than ever to offer our clients virtual ways to view homes through tools like Facebook Live. How can we bring attention to our Facebook Live videos - and will we still be offering these kinds of virtual tours once COVID-19 has come to pass? How can we create videos that resonate with our audiences and set us apart from our competitors? On this episode, Client Partners at Facebook, Mustafa Kweku and Scott Shapiro share how to use Facebook Live videos for real estate. Takeaways + Tactics Advertising is vital in raising awareness for our brands. Put some ad dollars behind live videos to ensure they’re high up on people’

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