Becoming the #1 Real Estate Agent in the WORLD w/ Jeff Cohn

Imagine being the #1 real estate agent in the entire world. Crazy right? Well our guest this week literally is. Listen Now: Apple Podcast YouTube Jeff Cohn and his real estate team in Omaha, NE were the #1 real estate team in the world at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2018, and still Top 3. Jeff believes that damn near any one of us Realtors can do what he did, as long as they follow the same path. Now Jeff spends a chunk of his time advising agents on how they can "quit real estate" and stop selling homes (personally). Crazy, right!? But the part thats really crazy is that Jeff lays out how he did it. From day one, to selling around 50 homes his very first year to growing exponentially

Unconventional brokerages are the model of the future w/ Dustin Brohm

A lot of team leaders choose to stick with traditional brokerage models but it’s not always the best choice for our business. Creating a non-traditional brokerage model can help us create a working environment where everybody wins. Traditional brokerages typically stop team leaders from offering certain incentives, causing top agents to look elsewhere to advance their careers. This causes a lot of team leaders to train agents for retention, rather than to allow them to survive on their own. Is there an option that allows team leaders to invest in their agents, without the threat of losing them to other teams? On this episode, host of the Massive Agent Podcast, Dustin Brohm joins me to discus

The Power of Positivity w/ Chris Craddock

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented uncertainty into our world, but it doesn’t have to limit our productivity. We can actively choose to stay busy during this time - all it takes is some tweaks to our mindset. A lot of agents are understandably concerned about their futures - but the onus is on us as leaders to help them move forward. How can we encourage our agents to also stay positive during the pandemic? The Coronavirus has caused a lot of confusion across industries - but there is hope and opportunity for those willing to shift and lead effectively. On this episode, Founder and CEO of The Redux Group, Chris Craddock joins me to discuss leadership, mindset and how to stay positive in a ti

How to Create Effective YouTube Content w/ Jackson Wilkey

Facebook and Instagram are saturated with agents advertising their services - to stand out we have to take our marketing to a platform virtually untapped by our industry: YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the planet, which makes it a great place to gain exposure. The fantastic thing is, it’s completely free. How can we create the type of YouTube videos that generate tons of business? On this episode, CEO of The YouTube Agents and eXp Real Estate Broker, Jackson Wilkey shares how to create YouTube videos that bring us business. Takeaways + Tactics Lead with value To have a successful video, we can’t start by giving our names and listing our achievements - that will

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