Blast Your Business to New Heights by Effectively Training Your VA w/ Justin Nelson

Leveraging tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most effective ways to scale our business. But if we want our VA to become a valuable resource, we can’t skip the foundational training that helps them understand how our business runs. We have to ensure we’re putting in the necessary time to train our VAs. Even the best assistant on the planet will struggle to deliver without clear expectations and procedures. How can business owners at any level coach virtual assistants effectively, and are there any shortcuts? In this episode, CEO of Sphere Rocket VA, Justin Nelson joins me to discuss how to onboard virtual assistants in our businesses. Takeaways + Tactics Why employers need to underst

How to Increase Revenue by Eliminating Low Income-producing Tasks w/ Jeff Cohn

Real estate leaders will struggle to grow their teams if their schedules are overloaded with low value tasks. It makes it impossible for us to scale effectively and takes our focus away from more lucrative duties. Bigger teams do mean more management, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all the management responsibility has to be on our plates. To maximize our results and our profits, we have to stop trying to do everything ourselves. Leverage is essential for scaling and running a successful business. How do we hire people we can confidently trust to help us run our businesses? How do we determine what we should be leveraging out? In this episode, I explain how leverage helps business o

What It Takes to Become An Agent of the Future

Real estate is always changing and evolving. To see great results both now and in the future, we need to create workflows and systems that harness effective innovation. This means embracing digital technologies that are revolutionizing the customer experience, and shifting how we list properties to appeal to an increasingly visual audience. What does the future of our industry look like and how can we start offering it to our clients today? In this replay episode, I join the Real Estate Uncensored podcast and share what we can expect to see in tomorrow's real estate world. Takeaways + Tactics Buying and selling properties is an involved process, so instead of looking to simplify it, Uber-sty

How to Provide Top Grade Value Without Lowering Commissions w/ Jeff Cohn

As real estate team leaders, it’s our duty to provide our agents with as much value as possible. Most people worry that this will become expensive. But true value doesn’t have to come at a cost. There are ways to provide our agents with excellent resources and our clients with stellar service with zero overhead cost, we just need to find someone else to foot the bill. We can support our agents, without lowering their commissions or dipping into our own pockets. We shouldn’t need to make the difficult decision between value and profit to provide our people with the assistance they need. In this episode, we invite you inside an ERS coaching call to learn how to ensure everyone on our teams win

Leverage Your Way to Success w/ Will Penney

As business owners, we have to leverage the activities that take up too much of our time. This way, we can focus on higher income-generating tasks. Leverage is a key aspect of a well-run organization. Most successful team leaders would agree that we couldn’t achieve great results without the correct people in admin and support roles. With that in mind, how can we show our clients that we run the show when we’ve leveraged so many of our tasks? Is it possible to stay in front of our clients, even if we’re not involved in every aspect of the transaction process? In this episode, President of Penney Real Estate Co, Will Penney shares how to show our clients we’re still involved in our teams, eve

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